Play Longer Spray - Xylocaine Spray

Play Longer Spray - Xylocaine Spray

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Play longer spray is a most widely used remedy that successfully works against premature ejaculation in adult males for enhancing the ejaculation time during the conception. Premature ejaculation is a terrible situation in adult males, in which a patient ejaculates his semen very soon after getting a small stimulation and this condition develops an unsatisfactory pleasure of their erotic moment.

At that time Play longer spray can resolve your this sexual disorder. This dosage form contains Xylocaine that increases the threshold of sexual senstivity. This is a potent drug of local anethsia.

What the contraindications of Play longer spray?

There are some medical issues that alter the therapeutic effect of this drug and responsible to cause some other undesired effects in the patients. These medical issues are

• Hypersensitivity problem to this drug
• Severe hepatic or renal impairment
• Cardiovascular risk
• Genital abnormality

This dosage form is not applied on the cut, irritated or injured skin of genitalia.

What are the drug interactions of Play longer spray?

Other topical preparation should not be applied on the skin of genitals along with this dosage form; this condition can be harmful to the patient and also enhance sthe risk of other adverse effects in the body.

What are the storage conditions meant for Play longer spray?

There are some storage condition that is meant for the proper storage of this drug to preserve it more safely during its shelf life. These conditions are:
• Kept in room temperature.
• Store in air tight and well closed container.
• Prevent from sunlight and humidity.

How should you apply Play longer spray?

This topical preparation should be applied on the genitals externally, 10 to 15 minutes before of making conception. You should apply 2 to 3 sprays at a time. But should not applied more than 10 sprays at a time.
Altering the dosage regimen of this drug can affect the therapeutic effect of this drug. You should not apply more than prescribed dose; as this can cause severe adverse effects like irregular heartbeat and unconsciousness.

What are the side effects of Play longer spray?

This drug may cause some minor side effects like vomiting, nausea, nervousness, blurred vision, seizures, hearing difficulties and hypersensitivity problems like irritation and inflammation. Fortunately, these side effects does not persist for prolong period and can be reversible after sometime.

What are the safety measures you should follow while using Play longer spray?

• You must protect your eyes, nose and mouth from direct or indirect contact with this drug; as this dosage form is not meant for internal use.
• This dosage form should always applied on the external portion of clean and dry skin of reproductive organ.
• This dosage form should be used to rectify the sexual disorder in females and should not be taken by a boy less than 18 years.

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