STAD (STUD) 5000 - Lidocaine Spray

STAD (STUD) 5000 - Lidocaine Spray

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STAD-5000 spray is particularly for males to delay ejaculation. This spray leads to a more pleasing physical relationship. It works as a mild anesthetic and lessens the sensitivity for delayed intimacy experience. The medication provides you extreme happiness and pleasure. The spray is suggested for those who are stricken by the problem of premature ejaculation. It is also helpful for curing erectile dysfunction in men. Generic Lidocaine hydrochloride is the active constituent present in this spray. This medicine displays its activity by enhancing the ejaculation time, brings about an increase in the duration of lovemaking, in order that men suffering from this ailment enjoy the intercourse for an extended duration of time. This is a discreet product containing a mild skin lubricant. It is free from any odor plus colorless and non-toxic in nature.

What are the benefits of STAD-5000?

• Safe and easy to use.
• Offers long lasting erection.
• Helps to decrease sensitivity to postpone the climax.
• Augments satisfaction and confidence during physical activity.
• Attain highest orgasms.
• Highly efficient.
• Non-toxic and odorless.

What are the conditions in which the use of STAD-5000 is contraindicated?

This medication shows contraindications in following conditions:

• Myasthenia gravis
• Painful erection
• Liver or kidney failure
• Epilepsy
• Cardiac disorder

Which other drugs interact with STAD-5000?

• TCA antidepressants: Amoxapine or Amitriptyline
• Other local anesthetic medications: Bupivacaine or Amylocaine
• MAO inhibitors: Phenelzine or Isocarboxazid
• Antipsychotic medications: Butyrophenones or Phenothiazines
• Antihypertensive drugs: Metoprolol or Atenolol

How to store STAD-5000 spray?

This drug should be stored in a cool and dry place.

What is the dossier and method of application of STAD-5000?

STAD-5000 spray is easy and harmless to use. You are suggested to apply this spray 5 minutes prior to physical activity and avoid using it for more than 2 to 3 sprays. Keep the spray away from eyes. Avoid puncturing or heating of the container. Shake the container well before the use of this medication. Generally three or four sprays are applied topically to the male genital organ and this dose is based on the patient tolerability. The maximum suggested dose of STAD-5000 is 10 sprays to reach the desired action.

What happens in case of missed dose of STAD-5000 spray?

No possibility of a missed dose of this spray as this spray is indicated for use only at the time of physical intercourse.

What happens in case of overdose of STAD-5000 spray?

Overdose of this medication must be strictly avoided as it may produce serious adverse effects including vomiting, unconsciousness and abnormal heartbeat.

What are the possible side effects associated with the use of STAD-5000?

STAD-5000 exhibits side effects which include skin irritation, nervousness, burning of skin, stomach upset, vomiting, hearing troubles, depression of respiratory system, abnormal vision and seizures.

What are the safety tips to be taken care of before using STAD-5000 spray?

• In case of allergic reaction to Lidocaine or any other component in spray, you should stay away from this medication.
• STAD-5000 spray is not recommended to males below 18 years of age.
• The use of this drug must be avoided in men suffering from hepatic, heart or renal disorder.
• Before use of this spray, you must clean and dry the applied region of skin.

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