STAD 14000 - Lidocaine Spray

STAD 14000 Spray - Lidocaine Spray

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STAD 14000

Lidocaine spray is an amazing spray, which is used against premature ejaculation in adult males. Premature ejaculation is an abnormal condition that occurs in males at any age, in which a person ejaculates his semen very soon during the minimum stimulation. Lidocaine is a chemically active ingredient that pharmaceutically belongs to the category of local anesthetic. This is a most popular topical preparation that reveals its pharmaceutical action by increasing the threshold of sexual sensitivity and is also providing erotic stifaction during the lovemaking. This dosage form is only used to treat sexual disorder that caused due to premature ejaculation.

This is a topical dosage sold under the brand name of Stad 14000.

What the contraindications of Lidocaine spray 14000?

• The use of this dosage form strictly prohibited by the patient with allergic problem from any ingredient, i.e. active or inactive, of this drug.
• This dosage form is only meant for male over the age of 18 years; so it should not be recommended to woman or children (under 18 years old).

What are the drug interactions of Stad 14000?

• Anti pshychotic drugs like Phenothiazine
• MAO inhibitors like Isocarboxazide
• Anti hypotensive drugs like Epinephrine
• Tricyclic anti depressant drugs like Amitryptilline

What are the storage condition meant for Stad 14000?

• This dosage form always kept at room temperature in cool, dry, clean and hygienic condition.
• This dosage form should be protected from direct contact of sunlight and moisture.

How should you apply Lidocaine spray 14000?

• This dosage form should be applied on the skin of genitalia topically by spraying the drug. You must spray 2 to 3 spray at a time and should spray 10 to 15 minutes before of having conception. But you must remember that don't spray more than 10 sprays at a single time.
• Don't apply more dose on the genitals; as it can causes undesired effects in the patient and is also responsible to cause various symptoms like irregular heartbeat, vomiting and uncoinsciousness.

What are the side effcets of Stad 14000?

There are various side effects that may cause due to this drug like nervousness, irregular vision, convulsion, hearing problem, nausea, vomiting and skin hypersensitivity problem like rashes, inflammation, itching, burning sensation. But significantly, these side effects can reversible after some time.

What are the safety measures you should follow while having Lidocaine spray 14000?

• Direct or indirect contact of this drug should be avoided with eyes, nose or mouth. This dosage form is only meant for external use.
• This dosage form should not be applied on the cut, iritated or injured skin of genital.
• It is beneficial to apply this drug on clean and dry skin of genitalia.
• This drug should be cautiously used by elderly patients.

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