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Stablon encompasses Tianeptine as the vital component, which is an anti-depressant class of medication. Thus, the major effect of Stablon is in the treatment of depression illness of mild to severe intensity.  In addition, Stablon is also effective in treating the conditions of anxiety, change in appetite, disturbed sleep, fatigue, feeling of guilt, difficulty in thinking and concentration, or in recurrent thoughts of suicide.

Working of Stablon-

Tianeptine generic present in Stablon brand is a very much effective drug for depression illness because of its anti-depressant category that works by enhancing the reuptake of selective serotonin (SSRE). Thus, Stablon treats depression by increasing the reuptake of serotonin neurotransmitter in the brain cells by neurons. Thus, the main aim of Stablon is to balance the brain chemicals.

Contraindicatory conditions for the use of Stablon-

  • Stablon should not be used if you have allergic reactions to any ingredient of the medicine.
  • If you are planning to get pregnant, or pregnant, or breastfeeding, then do not take Stablon drug.
  • You should not use Stablon drug without recommendation if you have a kidney problem, history of drug or alcohol abuse, or any other medical problem.
  • Children are contraindicated for the use of Stablon medicine.

Dosage regimen of Stablon-

Stablon comes in oral formulation with the 12.5mg strength of Tianeptine. A patient dealing with major depression illness can take the dose of 12.5mg for three times in a day through the oral route. Stablon should be taken without food ingestion an hour prior either to the meal or to 2 hours after food intake.  

Side effects of Stablon-

The most generally observed side effects while using Stablon medication includes nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, dry mouth, constipation, headache, or drowsiness.

Noteworthy precautions while using Stablon-

  • While consuming Stablon medicine, make sure to avoid tasks that need mental alertness because of dizziness or drowsiness effect of the drug that affects your mental alertness.
  • Avoid the use of alcoholic drinks while taking Stablon drug or it can aggravate the negative effects of the drug.

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