Silvamed Cream 40gm

Silvamed Cream 40gm | Generic Silver Sulfadiazine

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Silvamed cream comprises of Silver Sulfadiazine as its functional component, which is a sulfa derivative. The Silvamed cream is used topically on the skin surface for treating and preventing the growth of bacteria because of the anti-bacterial potency of Silver sulfadiazine. Earlier Silvamed was also used as a topical cream for burns.

Working of Silvamed cream-

Silvamed (Silver Sulfadiazine) cream is active against for both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Therefore, the cream is beneficial in treating and preventing the bacterial infections of the skin surface. Silvamed shows some effects against some yeast and fungi also on the damaged skin. Silver salt present in the cream is active against the cell wall of bacteria and causes bacterial cell death.

Contradictory conditions for the use of Silvamed cream-

  • The Silvamed cream must be evaded if you have allergic reactions to any constituent of Silvamed cream.
  • The Silvamed cream needs to be avoided unless you are not suggested to use the cream in pregnancy and lactation.
  • The Silvamed cream needs not to be used in neonates and in the condition of acne.

Way to use Silvamed cream-

In the treatment of infection due to severe burns, Silvamed cream needs to be applied topically for one to two times a day on the affected skin area. Never use the Silvamed cream in more than prescribed dose or argyria condition may happen if Silvamed cream is applied on large skin area and in more than suggested amount. Wash your hands before and after the use of Silvamed cream. If required, then you can use the bandage or other dressings if necessary. Continue the treatment of Silvamed cream until the satisfying healing of burns has occurred.

Storage of Silvamed cream-

Preparation of Silvamed cream has to be stored at room temperature by keeping the medicine away from heat, moisture, direct sunlight and the reach of children.

Side effects of Silvamed cream-

Silvamed cream may show some side effects such as skin reactions, leukopenia, skin discoloration, erythema, rashes, burning sensation.

Drug interactions of Silvamed cream-

Silver sulfadiazine may have potential interaction with sulfonamides.

Preventive measures while using Silvamed cream-

  • Take adequate amount of liquid when you are on Silvamed cream use.
  • Precautions need to be taken care in case of liver and hepatic impairment.
  • Take a regular check on your blood count.

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