Klonopin - Clonazepam 2mg - Generic Rivotril

Klonopin - Clonazepam 2mg - Generic Rivotril

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Klonopin is a potential medication that is widely used in the variety of clinical disorder like panic disorders, resistant depression, and anxiety disorders. It is an orally used medication, which contains Clonazepam, as the chief active ingredient. Klonopin is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medication.

How Klonopin 2mg works?

Klonopin (Clonazepam) comes under the class of medication known as a benzodiazepine. It shows action by affecting the chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced. Klonopin causes sedation by binding to GABA (a neurotransmitter) and increases its activity, which relaxes the movement of nerve signals in the brain.

What are the contraindications of Klonopin 2mg?

  • Klonopin is not recommended to use if you are suffering from emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), bronchitis.
  • You should not use Klonopin if you are allergic to generic Clonazepam or you have glaucoma, kidney and liver disease.

How to take Klonopin 2mg:

Klonopin is available in the strength of 0.5mg; 1mg and 2mg as a tablet dosage form. The dose of Klonopin varies according to the clinical condition of the patient. Before taking any dose, you should consult the doctor.  You have to swallow this medication with sufficient amount of water. You may take it with or without food. Do not crush or chew the tablet swallow as a whole. You should not take more than one tablet at a time.

What are the drug interactions of Klonopin 2mg?

Avoid use of following class of medication along with Klonopin as it can cause drug interaction.

  • Antibiotics:  Clarithromycin.
  • Muscle relaxant drugs: Codeine.
  • HIV/AIDS drugs: Indinavir, and Nelfinavir.
  • Calcium channel blockers: Diltiazem and Verapamil.
  • Antihistamine drugs: Cetirizine, Diphenhydramine.
  • Anti-anxiety drugs:  Alprazolam, Diazepam, Zolpidem.

What are the possible side effects of Klonopin 2mg?

Memory problems, drowsiness, dizziness, problems with balance, coordination, weak, shallow breathing, pounding heartbeats, fluttering in your chest and unusual and involuntary eye movements.

Precautionary measures that should be followed while taking Klonopin 2mg:

  • If you are taking Klonopin for a longer duration, you may need frequent medical tests.
  • You may feel unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, including a seizure so do not stop using Klonopin suddenly.
  • You should not drink alcohol while taking Klonopin as it can increase the chances of side effects. 

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