Nailon 5ml | Generic Penlac Nail Lacquer

Nailon 5ml | Generic Penlac Nail Lacquer

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Ciclopirox is a very effective antifungal topical solution that is applied over the nails of the person of both fingers and toes down with a bacterial infection.

The key ingredient falls under the therapeutic category of Antifungals that exhibits its effect by countering the production of vital fungal proteins or enzymes. Thus, counters the growth and kills the fungal cells responsible for the spread of infection.

How to use Nailon Nail lacquer:

Apply Nailon (5ml) nail lacquer once a day before bedtime with the help of applicator brush given along with medicine. Allow the medicine to remain on the nail surface for minimum 8 hours. Apply for the medicine daily on the coated surface and remove the same from the nail after every 7 days with the help of alcohol. Do not extend the use more than 6 months prior the consultation of the physician.

In the case of missed dose, apply for the medicine as soon as you remember but skip the use, if the time of next dosing is near.

Side effect you can come up with Nailon Nail lacquer:

The patient on continuous usage of Nailon can come across some side effects like irritation, swelling, oozing, redness, itching, burning or blistering, discoloration or other changes in the nails.

Precautions to be followed with Nailon Nail lacquer:

  • Prevent the medicine from in contact of sensitive areas like eyes, mouth, and vagina.
  • Trim your infected nails regularly.
  • Avoid the use of cosmetic products over the nails until they are under treatment.

Contraindication to be taken with Nailon Nail lacquer:

  • Do not apply the medicated nail lacquer if you are pregnant or nursing mother.
  • Do not apply medicine to children below 10 years of age.
  • Do not apply for the medicine if you are encountered allergic to its any of the component use.

Interactions with Nailon nail lacquer:

Nailon nail lacquer shows interaction with some herbal preparations, artificial nails and other cosmetic products like nail paints.

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