Korlym | Mifepristone Kit

Korlym | Mifepristone Kit

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Korlym contains generic Mifepristone which helps to terminate the unwanted pregnancy.  Korlym is a medical method to terminate the pregnancy. Individual can perform an abortion with it at home easily without any other person assistance. Korlym is easily available to buy online. It's very cheap and painless method for abortion.


Mechanism of action of Korlym

Generic Mifepristone is a synthetic steroid it acts by inhibiting the action of progesterone which is responsible for supplying the oxygen and necessary nutrients to the fetus. To finally leads to placental detachment.


Contraindications of Korlym

Mifepristone is contraindicated in following medications

  • If you have confirmed or suspected ectopic pregnancies do not consume this medication.
  • Do not take this medication if you are suffering from abnormal bleeding problems.
  • Remove all the intrauterine devices if you are using any before taking this medication.
  • Avoid taking generic Mifepristone if you are taking any anticoagulant drugs.
  • If the female is hypersensitive to generic Mifepristone and other inactive components of the drug.
  • Patents with the medical history of heart disorder should not take this medication.
  • If you are suffering from liver and kidney disorder do not take these medications.
  • A nursing mother should not consume this medication.


 Drug interaction of Korlym

Generic Mifepristone shows drug interaction when use in combination with certain drugs such as a corticosteroid, corticosteroid, St. John's Wort, antibiotics, anti-seizure medicines, anticoagulants etc.


Dosage instruction of Korlym

3 tablet of Mifepristone is to be taken orally with a glass of water. Then wait for 2-3 days and check with your doctor to confirm about successful abortion. If you are still pregnant then take 2 tablets of Misoprostol.


What if you take an overdose of Korlym?

Do not consume overdose of Mifepristone if you suspect an overdose of this medication then immediately inform your doctor and take medical attention Symptoms of overdose may include severe vaginal bleeding,


Storage instructions of Korlym

Korlym should be stored at room temperature at 25 0C. Protect it from light and humidity. Keep this medication unreachable to kids.


Side effects of Korlym

Individual may face some common side effects after taking this medication such as nausea, vomiting, white discharge diarrhea, headache, vaginal bleeding or stomach cramps, itching, or, pelvic pain, vaginal burning


Precautions to be adopted while taking these medications-

  • Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking.
  • Women are suggested to have a good diet plan which includes all proteins, vitamins, and nutrients for the fast recovery of health.
  • Intake of Mifepristone may make you feel unconscious so don't take part in those works that need your attention.
  • Avoid to take part into the intimacy session with you suppose one for few days.
  • Do not lift heavy weights and products it may lead to abdominal pain.
  • You should avoid swimming and driving for some days. 

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