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Generic Sildenafil Citrate is sold under the brand name of Cenforce. This medication is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. When this medicine is combined with physical or psychological sexual activation, it helps to achieve and sustain an erection.

How does Cenforce 100mg functions?

Sildenafil functions by inhibiting c- GMP-specific Phosphodiesterase type 5 enzymes, thus preventing c-GMP from getting degraded in the corpus cavernosum. This activates the production of c- GMP leading to the relaxation of smooth muscles resulting in an increased flow of blood in the penile region, thus causing an erection.

What are the circumstances in which Cenforce 100mg should not be consumed?

• If you are hypersensitive towards generic Sildenafil, then you should not consume this medication.
• If you are suffering from chronic bladder infection, then you should not administer this medicine.
• Avoid consumption of this medicine in case of renal and hepatic impairment.
• Intake of this medicine should be avoided in case of thyroid disorder.
• If you are undergoing through various heart related problems, then you should not administer this medicine.

Which medications should not be consumed with Cenforce 100mg?

• Antidepressants such as Adapin , Anafranil
• Antifungal medications like Ketoconazole, Itraconazole
• Blood pressure medications such as Captopril, Metopril
• Antibiotics like Clarithromycin, Erythromycin
• Hepatitis C medications such as Simeprevir, Sofosbuvir
• Anti-HIV medications like Ritonavir, Saquinavir

What are the storage conditions of Cenforce 100mg?

You should store this medicine at the room temperature of 25 0C. It should be kept away from direct heat, light and moisture and a cool and dry place.

What is the dose of Cenforce to be consumed?

This medication is obtainable in the form of tablet so it should be administered orally along with ample amount of water. You should consume this medication 45 minutes before the intimacy session and its effect remains for 5-6 hours.
Avoid consumption of two doses at the same time. You should not eat fatty meals few hours before and after the consumption of this medicine as it delay the action of this medicine.

What are the side effects shown by Cenforce 100mg?

Various adverse effects exhibited by this medicine are upset stomach, diarrhea, dizziness, mood swings, nausea, running nose, flushing of face, headache, loss of vision and irregular heartbeat.

What are the important points to be kept in mind while taking Cenforce 100mg?

• Intake of this medication makes a person feel sleepy and lazy so you should not drive or perform any work that requires full concentration.
• This medicine should not be consumed by children below 18 years of age.
• You should avoid consumption of grapefruit or grape juice along with this medicine as it reduces the bioavailability of this medicine.
• While administering this medicine you should not consume alcoholic beverages along with this medicine as it increases the side effect of this medicine.
• Avoid consumption of this medicine if you are administering nitrate dugs for managing cardiovascular problems as it results in severe drop of blood pressure.

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Cenforce 100mg product is best for ED treatment Review by Andrew Dey
ED problems is treated very well with Cenforce. Initially, I start tool Cenforce 100mg tablets, and it suits best for ED treatment. Highly recommended and well sales product it is. (Posted on 1/18/17)

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