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Snovitra with Vardenafil as its generic is a potent oral medication for the management of erectile dysfunction or impotency in men. It relaxes smooth muscles and blood flow towards male reproductive organ after inhibiting PDE-5 enzyme and helps in attaining strong erection that make you go smooth in your intimate sessions.

How Snovitra act?

PDE-5 inhibitor is the class of drug to which Snovitra belongs. Vardenafil in Snovitra tablets increases the release of cGMP after inhibition of PDE-5 enzyme. PDE-5 breaks down and take over the place of cGMP and leads to erectile dysfunction as it will inhibit the relaxation of smooth muscles and blood flow to male genitals.
Sexual stimulation is a mandatory for the actual working of Snovitra in a proper way, after which nitric oxide is released which then release cGMP and leads to smooth muscle relaxation and increased blood flow through male private part and attain erection for successful physical intimacy.

Who should not take Snovitra?

• Women, children and people who come under age group of 18 years should not take it.
• Allergic reactions if any one feels because of Snovitra or its components should avoid this medicine.
• Nitrate medicines with Snovitra leads to heart attack or stroke. So do not take Snovitra if you are on Nitrate treatment.
• Those who have ever had experienced any problem related to heart, liver, kidney should avoid this medicine.
• Male with genital deformity should not take this medicine.

What would be the storage conditions of Snovitra?

• Room temperature is the ideal condition where you can store the medicine.
• Keep the medicine away from light, heat, moisture and reach of children.

How you should take Snovitra?

• Take Snovitra 60mg orally with water 45-60 minutes before going with sexual act.
• Take the medicine with or without food only once a day and do not take more than one tablet a day.

What would be done in case of doses if- ?

Missed Dose- When you need to get physical intimate with your partner, only then you need this medicine, so take it accordingly without any issue of missed dose.
Over Dose- Never over dose your medicine but take medical help in case if you have taken more than prescribed dose for any reason.

What are the drug interactions of Snovitra?

• Antibiotics -Erythromycin
• Anti-fungal drugs - Ketoconazole, Itraconazole
• Alpha blockers- Doxazosin
• HIV protease inhibitors- Ritonavir
• Ranitidine, Cimetidine and other PDE-5 inhibitors interacts with Snovitra when co-administered.

What would be the side effects of Snovitra?

You can suffer with following side effects while using Snovitra- flushing, headache, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, stomach upset, heartburn, stuffy or running nose, diarrhea, increased sensitivity to light including priapism as serious side effect.

What precautions should be taken while taking Snovitra?

• Do not take Snovitra if you are consuming alcohol as it will lead to increase in side effects.
• Eating grape fruit or drinking grape fruit juices along with Snovitra should be avoided.
• High fatty meals with the drug delay its action.
• Do not drive anything or do not perform any activity which needs alertness as it will cause drowsiness, dizziness and leads you to get injured.

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