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What do we mean by sample pack of Sildenafil citrate?

Sample pack is tester's pack, where 3 tablets of oral tablets are served by the name of Suhagra or either brand that contains active, Sildenafil citrate and 3 Filagra oral jellies containing same active drug "Sildenafil citrate" that is potent PDE-5 selective inhibitor that reign over your impotency and provides you firm erection. This pack is to signify which dose is most patient friendly or patient gets ease to use.

How the drug acts?

The drug helps in driving blood to the soft tissues of genital part and thus one gets increased hydrodynamic and erection, this is all due to stoppage of Phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibition that lowers the level of cGMP that brings vasodilation and thus increased supply of blood.

Who should not take the Sildenafil drug?

• The drug is not indicated to the patient who are sensitive to the sexual activity as the drug is not indicated for the patient with Cardiovascular disorder, or having recent episode of heart attack or blood related disorder where blood clotting or blood pressure is the disorder that make the patient refrained from the drug use.
• Patient suffering hepatic or renal disorder should not take the drug.
• Patients who have deformed genital should not take the drug.

Which drug should be avoided while having generic Sildenafil citrate?

• Patient should not take nitrates in either form or aphrodisiac drug along Sildenafil drug.
• Patient should not take antihistaminic drug like Cimetidine drug.
• Patients taking medication including alpha blockers like Doxazosin, Terazosin.
• Protease inhibitor drugs that includes AIDS or HIV infection medication for example, Ritonavir and Saquinavir.

How to keep the medication safe and store?

• This medication should be stored at room temperature below 25 degree centigrade.
• Keep the drug away from the heat and light.
• Protect it from the children.

What is the dossier of the Sildenafil sample pack?

Pack constitutes 3 Filagra jellies that have to be taken around 15 minutes before the planned physical intercourse. Take medication without any need of water to drink over it.
Whereas coming to Suhagra oral tablet that has to be taken around 40 minutes before the intimate session. You can take the drug without any concern of meal habit.

What are the side effects that can be noticed after administration of the drug?

One may feel light sensitivity, drowsiness head ache, stomach upset and body ache and sudden blue vision problem.

What are the precautionary facts one should take care about while taking drug Sildenafil?

• The drug induces drowsy effect so one should not go driving after having drug.
• If consuming a nitrate drug, one should not take "poppers" containing butyl or amyl nitrate as this may lead to sudden fall in blood pressure.

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