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Provibol (Proviron) is an orally efficient and synthetic androgen which does not have any anabolic characteristics. Provibol is used to ease or cure troubles caused by a deficiency of male sex hormones. This anabolic hormone is particularly significant for athletes.
Many athletes, thus, frequently use Proviron at the end of a steroid treatment so as to enhance the decreased testosterone production. Provibol contains Generic Mesterolone as active constituent in it.

How it works?

Proviron is an estrogen antagonist which works by preventing the aromatization of steroids. Not like anti-estrogen Tamoxifen which just inhibits the estrogen receptors, this anabolic steroid already stops the aromatizing of steroids. As a result gynaecomastia and enhanced water retention are effectively blocked. While Proviron strongly curbs the production of estrogens no rebound effect takes place after discontinuation of use of the steroid. Tamoxifen you can say cures the difficulty of aromatization from its root while Tamoxifen simply cures the signs and symptoms. Due to this reason, male athletes should have a preference for Proviron.

In what conditions, the use of Provibol is contraindicated?

• Liver tumor
• Carcinoma of prostrate
• Hypercalcemia (state in which the calcium level in your blood is above normal)
• Breast cancer
• Hypersensitivity to any component of this steroid

Which other medications interact with Proviron?

Like other drugs, Provibol can also interact with some medications. So always tell your doctor if you are under any other drug. Some of the drug interactions of this anabolic steroid are mentioned below:

• Levothyroxine
• Cyclosporin
• Blood thinners such as Warfarin
• Neuromuscular blockers
• Anti-diabetics

How to store Provibol?

Proviron must be stored below the temperature of 30oC protected from heat, moisture and light and must be kept away from the reach of children and pets.

What is the appropriate dosage of Provibol?

Proviron is very effectual male athletes generally need only 50mg per day which means that the athlete is suggested to take one 25mg tablet in the morning and an additional 25mg tablet in the evening. In some instances, one 25mg Proviron tablet within 24 hours is enough. You can consume this oral steroid with or without food.

What happens in case of missed dose?

If you miss a dose of Provibol, consume it the moment you remember it. But it must be avoided if you remember about the subsequent dose. Remember not to take a double dose.

What to do in case of overdose?

If you take an overdose of Proviron, immediately search for medical attention as soon as possible. Some of the overdose signs and symptoms include neoplasm, liver problems or cardiac issues.

What are the precautionary steps to be taken care of before using Provibol?

Before taking a dose of Generic Mesterolone or Provibol, you must always implement some precautionary steps to avoid the problems, such as:

• Don't take this medication without consulting your doctor if you suffer from any conditions like migraine, epilepsy and cardiac issues.
• Care should be implemented if you are a patient of liver and kidney issues.
• You must take proper safeguard if you are experiencing high cholesterol or high blood sugar levels.

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