Prinivil 5mg-Cipril 5mg-Lisinopril 5mg Tablets

Prinivil 5mg-Cipril 5mg-Lisinopril 5mg Tablets

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Prinivil is a well known medication, which is prescribed for the treatment of High blood pressure or Hypertension or congestive heart blood pressure. This drug is also prescribed to treat heart failure and improve endurance after a heart attack. This drug also decreases the risk of kidney disease, stroke and heart attacks as it lowers down high blood pressure. The individual should take this drug for 2-4 weeks to get complete benefit. It is an FDA approved medication. According to the patient requires, this drug comes in varying doses of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg.

How it work Prinivil Medication?

Drug Prinivil contain Lisinopril comes under the class of ACE inhibitor (angiotensin converting enzyme).This drug acts by relaxing the blood vessels and keep it wider so that the blood flow for easily and heart works efficiently.

Lisinopril 5mg, 10mg Contraindication :-

Don't take this drug in certain medical condition such as-

• In case of pregnancy as it may harm the unborn baby.
• Avoid taking it in case of angioedema.
• Diabetic patient should not take this drug along with aliskiren.
• The patient diagnoses with kidney disorder should not take this drug.

Drug interaction of Lisinopril Blood Pressure Medication:-

The individual while taking this drug should avoid the intake of certain drug such as-

• Lithium.
• Diuretic or "water pill".
• Gold injections for arthritis.
• Potassium supplement.
• Everolimus, sirolimus.
• NSAIDs such as aspirin, Ibuprofen.

Storage of Prinivil:-

Store it at room temperature. Keep it away from moisture and heat. Always keep this drug away from the reach of children or pets.

Dosage and direction of Prinivil 10mg Tablets:-

Take Prinivil 5mg orally with or without food. Don't take a potassium supplement and take plenty of water. While taking this drug never take it with alcohol as it may increase the undesired effect of this drug.

An Adult can start the treatment for Hypertension with an Initial dose of 10 mg once a day. In case of Congestive Heart Failure, adult can start the therapy with Initial dose of 2.5mg to 5 mg once a day.

Side Effects of Prinivil :-

Some common side effect caused by this drug include drowsiness, mild skin itching or rash, headache; depressed mood; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach; or urinating less than usual or not at all, swelling, rapid weight gain, fever, chills, body aches and flu symptoms.


Some precautionary steps should be kept in mind while taking this drug such as-

• The nursing mother should avoid feeding the child as it may pass into breast milk and harm the baby.
• The individual should take plenty of water while taking this drug.
• Blood pressure examination should be done properly.
• Take medical help in case of unusual sweating as this drug may keep you dehydrated and leads to kidney failure.
• Get up slowly from lying position as this drug makes you sleepy.
• Don't take alcohol as it may lower down your blood pressure and may increase the risk of certain side effect caused by Lisinopril.

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