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Melalite Cream 2% | Generic Hydroquinone

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Melalite Cream 2% is extensively used to alleviate areas of darkened skin such as freckles, melasma (sun damage), age spots, or darkened skin caused by hormonal changes. It also recovers the consistency of the skin or lightens the brown or black spots on hands, shoulders face, and arms due to exposure to sunlight. It encloses of generic drug known as Hydroquinone.

How does Melalite Cream 2% act?

Hydroquinone causes the obstruction of the tyrosine's enzyme, which is concerned in the early step of the melanin pigment biosynthesis pathway. Hence, it diminishes the production of melanin pigment and bleaches the skin by dipping the accretion of melanin in the skin.

What is the correct administration of Melalite Cream 2%?

Before using this cream, wash the exaggerated area of the skin and dry the affected part of the skin. Take a dab quantity of cream and gently rub it on the pretentious area until it is evenly dispersed. It is usually applied each morning and at bedtime. If the symptoms do not get better after 2 months of treatment with this cream, then discontinue using this medicine.

Before using this medicine for the first time, apply a small quantity of this medication to an uninterrupted patch of skin and check in 24 hours for itching, scorching, or redundant reddishness or irritation. If these develop, then do not use this medication.

What are the contraindications of Melalite Cream 2%?

  • Do not use this cream, if you are oversensitive to Melalite Cream 2 % or its other components.
  • Pregnant women are not permitted to use this medication.

What are the side effects of Melalite cream 2%?

Use of Melalite Cream 4% may cause some unfavorable effects such as mild burning or stinging of treated skin, mild itching or redness in the skin, and dry skin.

What are the precautions to be taken while using Melalite Cream 2 %?

  • It is prescribed for external use only, so evade getting this cream into the eyes, nose, or mouth, or lips.
  • Do not apply this cream on windburned, dry, chapped, open wounds or on sunburned, or irritated skin.
  • Never use this cream with other goods includes resorcinol, phenol, or salicylic acid. 

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