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Why Filitra 60 mg is prescribed?

Filitra is a very potent and widely distributed oral medicine for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction(ED). ED is a condition in which man produce very frequently erection. Sometime this erection is very painful and for a long time taken. This condition is known as Priaprism. It is required to find out the genuine and good solution to work on sexual problem, through which man are going through. Filitra 60 mg is a very convenient and easy option for curing from this disease. Vardenafil is used in this drug as a main active ingredient. Vardenafil is a member of the class PDE5 inhibitor. It increases the stimulation of cGMP in the corpus carvenosum. It enhances the blood flow around the smooth muscle of male genital organ, this helps man to take long time for lovemaking and he can enjoy his erection without any breakdown and failures.

What are the possible contraindications of Filitra?

• If a person has a long history of heart problem then he should not use Filitra.
• This medicine is not use by the person who loss the cell in retina.
• In the case of deformed penis Filitra is not used.
• This drug is also not used with herbal medicine.

What are the drugs interactions associated with Filitra 60 mg?

• This drug show high contraindication with nitrates. So if a person is taking nitrates treatment he could not Filitra.
• It is not taken with antihypertensive drug.
• Filitra is contraindicated with strong CYP3A4 inhibitors.

What are the storage conditions of Vardenafil?

Vardenafil is stored at room temperature and kept away from the excess of children.

What is the dosage condition of Filitra?

Filitra is available in 60 mg tablet. After taking one tablet it shows its effect up to 24-36 hours. Thus only one tablet is allowed in a day before 30 minutes prior to physical activity.

What happen in case of over dose?

If Vardenafil is taken in high amount it cause long time erection, backache, dizziness, change vision.

What are the feasible side effects can Filitra cause?

The common side effects Filitra shows fainting, loss of hearing, dizziness, headache, back pain, loss of vision( some time it may be permanent), shortness of breath, vision change, palpitation, painful erection.

What special precautions should I follow?

• If Filitra is taken with some other prescribed medicine it will fall BP very soon.
• It should not taken by alcoholic person.
• This medicine is not use by the women and children.
• This drug is also not safe to use in person who has any recent surgery or had any chronic penile surgery.
• It will better to take this drug in empty stomach as compare to dietary rich food.

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