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Benza gel is an important medication that is commonly used for the treatment of acne pimples or other skin problems.  It is available as a topical preparation, which is used over the skin. The main active ingredient present in the Benzagel is Benzoyl peroxide that can also be used to manage bacterial infection. Benzagel is a unique preparation that is micronized to effectively enter in the skin and kill the bacteria which is the reason of acne inflammation. Use of this medication will make your skin more smooth and enhance your look.

Benzoyl peroxide comes under the class of medication called as an antibacterial drug. It produces action by destroying both surface and ductal bacterial organisms and yeasts and makes your skin oil free and dry.

When should you not use Benzagel?

  • Benzagel is not recommended to use in the case of a burnt, scalded, scratched or wounded skin.
  • You should not use Benzagel in the case of psoriasis and eczema disease.

What are the drugs that may interact with Benzagel?

  • You should not use Benzagel with Tretinoin containing products like A-ret gel, Retin-A cream, and Nexret cream.
  • Do not use alcohol and salicylic acid containing products while using Benzagel.

How to apply Benzagel:

Benzagel contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide w/w. It is applied to the skin, therefore, you must wash your hands before and after application of this gel. Take required amount of Benzagel and then apply a thin layer of this gel on the affected area and pat it dry.  After application do not cover the gel with any bandage or cotton. It may take several weeks to completely heal your acne so use it on regular basis.

Possible side effects of Benzagel:

Common unwanted effects may appear such as tingly feeling, mild stinging, burning, itching, skin dryness, peeling, flaking, and redness.

What safety measures should be followed while using Benzagel?

  • While applying this gel, you should avoid using any skin fairness cream on your face.
  • In the case of breastfeeding and pregnant females, use this gel under medical supervision.
  • Children under the age of 12 years should not apply this gel.
  • You should not use hair bleach while using Benzagel. 

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