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A Ret 0.025% is a renowned brand name for generic Tretinoin cream. The cream used for the treatment of acne, melasma/tan or dark patches, dry skin, topical infections like raised nodules or bumps (molluscum contagiosum) and ingrown hair beneath the skin. The cream functions as an anti ageing by healing and converting the rough skin of face into a smoother, younger and glossier.

Know how the cream works:

The Tretinoin containing A Ret cream functions by reducing the tendency of the cells of the skin to clump together by accelerating up the exfoliation process. Thus, prevents the formation of acne and heal the one, which has already developed. The cream also helps an individual to overcome their ageing effects by stimulating the production of collagen and plumping the skin to look clear that is free of blemish.

How to apply or use:

  • Firstly, wash the hands and skin surface on which the cream is applied.
  • Wait for few minutes and allow the skin to pat dry.
  • Apply the sufficient amount of cream on the skin surface softly.
  • Allow the cream to remain on the skin surface for a minimum duration of 1 hour.


  • A Ret cream increases the sensitivity of skin towards ultraviolet rays. Therefore, one should cover the face with a cloth or else may develop suntan, burns, dark patches over the skin.
  • Do not apply any skin products having harsh ingredients or alcohol like an astringent and other lime extract containing preparations.
  • Prevent getting this cream into eyes, nose or mouth.


  • Do not apply A Ret cream on the dried, chapped or broken and irritated areas of skin.
  • Do not apply the cream over the wounded or eczema, areas of skin.
  • The cream is not for the use of children below 12 years of age.

Side Effects:

Do not apply over or under the amount of A Ret cream on the skin surface else may develop side effects like peeling, blistering, fluid retention, muscle pain, burning, stinging, warmth or change in skin coloration.

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