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Bupropion Zyban 150 mg-

Zyban 150 mg is basically used by those individuals who want to quit smoking and nicotine products. Generic Bupropion is a foremost component found in this medicine and it comes under the category of Anti-smoking drugs. It effectively treats the craving and withdrawal symptoms of smoking.

Generic Bupropion Hydrochloride simply acts on the Dopamine receptor and it inhibits the neurotransmission like serotonin and nor epinephrine as neurotransmitters are responsible to send the signal to cerebral brain for addiction of nicotine. This drug quite shows the action of Anticholinergic.

Contraindications of Zyban:-

Zyban is not indicated in case of:-

•    Hypersensitivity towards Generic Bupropion
•    Seizures, epilepsy or convulsion
•    Anorexia
•    Mental disorders
•    kidney and liver disorder
•    Diabetes
•    Bipolar disorders
•    History of heart attack
•    History of head injury
•    Spinal cord problem

Drug interactions of Zyban:-

List of drugs interact with Zyban:-

•    Anti-coagulant drugs like Warfarin, Heparin and Coumadin
•    Anti-convulsant drugs like Phenytoin, Phenobarbital and Carbamazepine
•    Levodopa and Carbidopa
•    Ritonavir and Amprenavir
•    Valium, Benzodiazepine, opioid

How to store Zyban 150 mg:-

Zyban should be properly stored at the room temperature and away from the reach of children.

How to consume Zyban 150mg:-

Zyban is available in the tablet dosage form, so take this medicine via the oral route with glassful of water. The initial recommended dose of this drug is 150mg one time in a day in the morning; you can also increase the dose of this medicine up to 300mg once in a day but after 4 days as per the need of patients. Don't exceed the dose of this drug more than 400mg within a day.

Get the missed dose of Zyban as soon as possible, but don't consume this medicine, if it the time for the next dose. Get the dose of this drug as per the daily basis.

Avoid the intake of double dose of this drug.

In case of overdosing of this medicine, immediately consult your doctor and get medical help from your nearby hospital.

Adverse effects of Zyban:-

Common side effects of Zyban are skin rashes, abdomen pain, and dryness of mouth, severe headache, confusion, throat pain and swelling of lips.

Severe side effects of Zyban are difficulty in proper breathing, skin rashes, nausea, convulsion and severe skin rashes.

Important safety and precautions:-

•    While using this drug, you should avoid the use of alcohol as it may increase the risk of adverse effects.
•    Be careful while driving as it affects your ability to drive.
•    Gradually stop the intake of this drug otherwise it cause withdrawal symptoms, if you suddenly stop the consumption of this drug.
•    Lactating and pregnant mothers should not consume this drug.
•    It should be consumed only for 2to3 weeks.

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Magic Pill Review by Elina
This is not just a pill... it is a magic pill ...... (Posted on 8/9/16)
Cheapest Price Review by David
I found Zyban at cheapest price on MyPillShop. Not even zyban , all medicines... (Posted on 8/1/16)
Useful Product Review by Alma
I used to be a bad smoker... I tried a lot to quit.. but no effect. This gum help a lot to quit smoking tobacco... (Posted on 7/11/16)
It Changed My Life Review by 'David
I was just 17 and badly addicted to tobacco smoking. I want to quit it, but it was to typical for me. Then I found Zyban. I started it and feel the results in one month. I am currently taking it, but I have quit my smoking habit. (Posted on 7/8/16)

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