Marie was 25 years old when she got engaged to Keith. They were in a relationship with each other for complete one year and had faced worst time of their life together. They were totally different from each other and can be said were living a very compromising life with each other for what?? There is the only thing in a relationship that bonds two people together and this is nothing other but a strong intimate connection which the two people were enjoying together.

There is no pleasure in the world that is as similar or competitive to intimate pleasure. When people who share soul connection with each other made it than it is called lovemaking whereas when the people not in love with one another make out that the relationship turns purely sensually dependent and are said to be simply satisfying their lust.

Lust and love are the two sides of the intimacy. One gives happiness and other give grief. Similar happens with Marie which she thought love it came out to her as lust. Slowly she was fairly clear about the intentions of Keith and soon she decided to dump the very unwanted pregnancy out her uterus but without undergoing any threat of surgical scissors and blades. Marie got well understanding of each and everything that Keith was running after her just to accomplish his lust in actual he had no love with Marie. This made Marie determined for not undergoing painful surgical method but to go medical method of abortion.

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Dosing of MTP KIT-

MTP Kit is the set of 5 pills, 1 of Mifepristone 200mg and other 4 pills of Misoprostol each of 200mcg. Take these pills in the following sequence:

  • Day 1: take 1 pill of Mifepristone over an empty stomach gulping with water
  • Give 2 days gap and put all 4 pills of Misoprostol inside your vagina or under your tongue
  • Within few minutes you will gonna observe menstruation bleeding and the pregnancy will abort
  • Some patients can bleed for a week whereas some can bleed for 2 weeks also. So, after a fortnight go for an ultrasound to ensure that no debris is left in the uterus
  • NOTE: A pregnant woman can take up these pills only when she is not beyond gestation of 9 weeks

Pharmacology behind Mifepristone & Misoprostol pills action:

  • Mifepristone- inhibits progesterone release- therefore inhibits the supply of vital nutrients & oxygen to developing a fetus. Anti-progesterone effect of Mifepristone inhibits the development of endothelial lining of uterus to which a fetus attaches thus pregnancy get easily slipped off from the mother’s womb
  • Misoprostol- induces strong contractile & relaxation movements and shed off any connection of fetus with the mother. The drug also dilates the cervical opening to discharge out pregnancy via menstruation

Malicious effects of MTP pills are back stiffness, abdominal discomfort & agony, sore throat, diarrhea, myalgia, tremor, heavy menstrual bleeding, chills, sweating, depression, and fever.

Safety measures a patient can take with MTP Kit are Restricting intimacy, strenuous workout, oily and fatty foods difficult to digest, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. Women with ectopic pregnancy should avoid these pills.

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