Living in times of internet, emails, facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, texts and messaging we are getting more socialized but when talking in terms of the physical world we are getting less of socialized. On our social platform, we may have thousands of friends but have you ever realized that how many true friends we have. Oh! Gosh, we hardly had had a dozen of true friends around us. Now, do you realize how un-socialized we are!

However, we might be active on our social media but in real life, we feel uneasy to socialize with our known people forget about those who are unknown. We avoid getting into gathering and our neighbors home. Human is a social animal but see the mystery many of us love to be isolated. We hate being into groups and supporting anybody in real. We might bust our social media page with loads of stuff but when the thing comes to support in real it's only few who came out on roads for the support and raise their voice against the unfair.

People living in high-tech society are surveyed to be more prone towards Social Anxiety Disorder than horde of people who live in mediocre colonies. Socially anxious people avoid speaking to the public, feel fear in going to places full of people. They prefer buying maximum things online and use the internet in best possible ways for filling up bills and completing every other necessity. They are deeply unsatisfied people and hate directly interacting with people.

There are thousands of psychologists in the US who are looking for the mental health of such people and understanding their struggle with self and infusing such people with thoughts of positivity so that next time when they try to get socialize they feel comfortable in doing so. Along with counseling, these psychiatrists prescribe a medicine Librium 10mg helps to cope with situations of anxiety. Librium is the most sold brand in many countries of the world. The pharmaceutical performing entity to this brand is Chlordiazepoxide. This medicine acts in a patient by inhibiting the EEG arousal due to unbalanced charges whereas the drug binds specifically to form a Benzodiazepine-GABA receptor complex which articulates to mediate the inflow of chloride ions to neutralize the effects of unbalanced charges hence calm the patient from the fear, anguish, stress.

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Librium available in dosing 5-10mg can be given to the patient for 3-4 times a day to control the mild to moderate anxiety levels. Dosing of range 20-25mg for 3-4 times is immensely effective in controlling down the chronic anxiety levels whereas Librium in strengths 50-150mg 3-4 times composures the patient from the attack of anxiety developed due to sudden alcohol withdrawal. Maximum strength in which patient can be given Librium in a day is 400mg.

Adverse indications to use of Librium medicine include the following exhaustion, muscle spasm, poor sexual desires, menstrual peccadillo, and sudden rise in weight. Few cautionary measures that a patient can take up with Librium medicine are:

  • Avoiding the medicine use in case patient is allergic to generic Chlordiazepoxide
  • Patients dealing with disorder Myasthenia gravis, Glaucoma & liver cirrhosis should abide this medicine
  • Alcohol, tobacco smoke, psychedelic drugs are contradicted to Librium medicine

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