Planned pregnancy is the best phase of women life not only it brings happiness in the family but gives the members of the family a chance to rekindle their childhood. However, when the same is not planned that nothing can be worst or daunting than this. An unplanned pregnancy creates hustle-bustle in the life of the couple and the blaming game further invites quarrels and frequent ugly fights into the life of the couple. A surprise but unwanted pregnancy can take away the happiness from the couple and can leave them with hidden pain and grief.

As undergoing, an abortion is not so overwhelming and does not boost the person with a feeling of proud but can shriek your heart out so the question arises that why do women go for abortion? The reasons in disguise to abortion are many such as poor physical and psychological health of the mother. A couple in their phase of financial struggle, under debts of the bank, cannot support pregnancy well if it comes to them as a surprise. In some profile, women have to sign a bond to be not to get pregnant for that restricted or selected duration of time like in modeling so uninvited pregnancy insists women to go for the option of abortion. When the couple is not keeping good interpersonal relations then they try to avoid or run away from the responsibility of the child as when they cannot manage their relation well so how can they grow the child well.

MTP kit


The two possible ways by which the women can undergo an abortion are surgical and medical abortion. Surgical includes women under anesthesia and usage of sterile surgical instruments, the registered medical practitioner brings the process but the case is not the same with medical abortion as in this women can perform her abortion by herself by taking the pills in a manner as prescribed by a physician. The renowned medication that has a legacy in bringing the successful abortion in women is MTP Kit.

An MTP Kit contains two generic pharmaceutical compounds Mifepristone (1 pill, 200mg) and Misoprostol (4 pills, each of 200mcg). To lose pregnancy women has to swallow one pill of Mifepristone in the early morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water and then after the gap of 2 days have to put the all 4 pills of Misoprostol deep inside the vagina or can also put the pills underneath the tongue to swallow the contents faster. Then women after the lapse of 14 days have to visit the doctor clinic to get an abdominal ultrasound done to confirm that no debris is left inside the uterus and the abortion performed was safe and complete.

A Mifepristone pill when taken by the women it shatters the surge of Progesterone hormone in her so stops the development of pregnancy and shed the same because the lining of the uterus also begins to degrade in the absence of pregnancy hormone. Misoprostol on other induces the strong and pulsatile constrictions inside the women so to detach the dead fetal tissues from the umbilical cord of the women as flush the same from the uterine in form of vaginal bleeding enclosing chunks and clots of blood.

Adverse effects that annoy the women most when they consume the pills of MTP Kit are abdominal cramping, intense vaginal bleeding, flushing of the face, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, pain, and swelling in feet, chills, fever, back pain.

Precautions that women must follow include not taking this medication if they are having the pregnancy, which is known as ectopic pregnancy. Avoid doing any strenuous activity like weight lifting, running, riding a motorbike, or handling any heavy machinery. Intimacy whilst this time is completely banned. Women must take caution when they put pills in their vagina that they take out their IUD.

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