The women love to play the different sexual position at the time of intimacy and wish that her men would take part in that activity actively. However, if men are facing the trouble of erectile dysfunction, then they do not be able to play on the bed even with the single pose. The different sexual poses require bigger muscle and a large amount of blood flow in the penile, but if men are going through erectile dysfunction. As they already have poor flow f blood or cannot keep it up for the simple pose of intimacy, then it becomes impossible for the impotent men to try new and different position on the bed with women. Thus, before getting intimate men must have to try Cenforce medication for the cure of their erection failure. Since cenforce enhances the flow of blood in the penile and helps the penile to get up when desired. Hence, when erection failure gets under control, then men would be able to enjoy the different sexual position that his women want.

Cenforce is a highly recommended medication used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The drug encloses of Sildenafil for enhancing the amount of blood flow inside the penile. As the poor nerve signal inside the penile cause the contraction of blood vessels, which leads to poor blood flow inside the penile and cause the soft erection. The PDE-5 enzyme there in the body is believed to be responsible for all these, thus sildenafil main functioning is to block the activity of a PDE-5 enzyme inside the body.

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Sildenafil by blocking the PDE-5 enzyme prevents the breakdown of cGMP into the body and releases the nitric oxide. The discharge of nitric oxide causes the opening of blood vessels so that enhance the amount of blood reach the penile organ and men penile get up harder.

Cenforce 100mg is easily available as tablet dosage form.  The tablet needs to be taken once in a day orally with an enormous amount of water. The most recommended time for dose intake is 60 minutes prior to planned intimacy. The drug started showing its action as it is dissolved into the body and penile get harden within 30 minutes. The drug nests into the body for the duration of 5 hours and provides the immense pleasure for the period of 24 hours. Therefore, only one tablet of 100mg is required to take once in 24 hours.

Although, the drug may experience some side effects like as of muscle pain, chest pain, nasal decongestion, dizziness, drowsiness, vision changes, ringing sound in the ear, and stomach upset. Hence, the men are recommended not to take cenforce along with nitrate derivative, fatty food, and alcohol and grapefruit juices. Do not take part in attention seeking activity like driving and machinery work after using Cenforce. Do not take Cenforce if you are suffering from liver, kidney, heart and blood disorder.

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