Erection failure is the condition where a male gets a failure to get the erection in the hard position for longer and give his sensual performance a satisfying ending. Below enlisted questions, depict the different conditions that are collectively called as erection failure. These will make your mind to conclude the reason you and your partner had an unsatisfied and unhappy sensual life.

  • Do you get a soft and dull erection every time you are with her in bed?
  • Does your erection say a NO to stand even when your mind and body wanted it to be straight?
  • Do you fail to satisfy your partner physically?
  • Does her intense and passionate foreplay give no feeling to your penile?
  • Does it ever happen that you were about to enter the penile into her and it gets shrink?
  • Have you tired your erection failure and want something magical to bring happiness to your erection?

In some males, erection failure comes before their entrance into sensual performance while in some males it happens after they started their intimacy session. Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age group, either at young or even after years of happy sensual life. The magical remedy a male could rely on is buy Cenforce 200 mg tablets.


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Learn more how Cenforce works

Cenforce, an anti-impotent medicine could be the solution to the erection failure problems in the males of all age groups. Cenforce containing SILDENAFIL CITRATE helps in the bringing of your lost sensuality by giving your penile a boost up to stand straight and hard until the end of the satisfied sensual act.

Sildenafil Citrate is a potent PDE5 inhibitor block the functioning of PDE5 enzyme and stops the degradation of cGMP component in the male body. The cGMP is responsible for the relaxation of arteries of the male reproductive system. This allows the more amount of blood flow towards the male genitals and helping him to get the hard and rigid erection throughout his intimacy session.

Cenforce 100 mg is sufficient for the male to get rid of his erection failure problem taken about 60 minutes prior to entering sensual performance. A single tablet starts showing its effect on the penile within 30 minutes of intake of Cenforce. The effect of a single tablet lasts for 5 to 6 hours in the male body.

 * Can make intake of Cenforce with food or without food orally

 Preventive tips followed with Cenforce intake:

  1. NEVER make an intake of alcoholic drinks along with the Cenforce medication.
  2. NEVER make an intake of heavy meals before or after the intake of medicine.
  3. NEVER use the Cenforce medicine if allergic to any of the components.
  4. NEVER use the Cenforce medicine if you are under the age of 18 years.
  5. NEVER use any nitrate drug during your medication period with Cenforce.

Unwanted side effects with Cenforce medicine:

Any male using Cenforce medicine could undergo some temporary aftermaths including painful erection, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, muscle cramps, mood swings, swelling of hands or feet.


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