Heart and blood vessel issues can provoke chest pain, angina and heart attack. The most normally seen symptoms of angina are chest tightness, heavy pressure, squeezing and crushing pain. This pain can be easily spread to the jaws, back, shoulder and arm. There are various medications are available in the market for treating Angina but among all these medications, Calan or Verapamil tablet is best and effective for angina pain. It is extensively used all over the whole world.


What do you mean by Angina?


In the Latin language, angina is known as squeezing of chest. In this condition, individual suffer discomfort, chest pain and tightness, which occurs due to low amount of blood in heart muscles. It is caused due to narrowing and blocking of heart arteries or ischemia.
Angina occurs due to several reasons like obstruction in blood vessels due to high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, high intake of unsaturated fat and damaged tissue in blood vessels.


Verapamil is used to treat chest pain (angina), it helps to increase your ability to exercise and reduces the risk of angina attacks.


How to prevent Angina?


• Quit smoking
• Control your high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and diabetes
• Eat healthy, vitamin, nutritive and protein diet
• Reduce your stress, tension
• Maintain your weight
• Regular exercise and physical activity

How Calan works against angina?


Calan is a well known brand of generic Verapamil, which is basically employed by those patients who are suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure). Verapamil belongs to the category of Calcium channel blockers and it simply works by relaxing the blood vessels, so blood can be flow more easily without any kind of obstacles. Buy calan tablets online to affordable prices.


Lowering of blood pressure helps to prevent strokes, heart attacks and renal problems.


Verapamil is used to treat chest pain (angina), it helps to increase your ability to exercise and reduces the risk of angina attacks. Verapamil manages your fast or irregular heart rate and reduces the heartbeat and aiding you to feel comfortable and increase your capacity to exercise.

Calan shows their valuable actions by slowing the electrical conduction in the heart, slowing heartbeat and normalize your heart rhythm.


Prescribing information of Calan-


Mainly, Calan is available in various dosage forms like immediate release tablet, Sustained release tablet and extended release tablet. Verapamil can be taken with proper meals.

• Immediate release tablet-40mg, 80mg and 120mg
• Sustained release tablet- 120mg, 180mg,240mg and 360mg
• Extended release tablet-100mg, 120mg, 180mg, 200mg, 240mg and 300mg.


For angina-

• Immediate release tablet- The prescribed dose is 80 to160mg three times on a regular basis.
• Sustained release tablet- The suggested dose is 180 to 540mg at bedtime.

For hypertension-


• Immediate release tablet- The given dose is 80 to 320mg twice in a day regular basis.
• Sustained release tablet- The recommended dose is 120mg to 480mg once or twice in a day on a daily basis.

For migraine- The prescribed dose of Calan is 160mg to 320mg three to four times in a day on a habitual basis.


Who should not consume Calan?

• If you are allergic to generic Verapamil
• If you have any sort of heart problem
• In case of atrial fibrillation, pre-excitation syndrome, Wolff Parkinson white (WPW)
• In case of renal and hepatic dysfunction
• If you previously taking any other Anti-hypertensive drugs
• Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers


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