The couple relation becomes strong when they share a bond of love and care for each other, but it becomes stronger when they have pleasurable intimate relationship or bond with each other. If you fail to attain erection, then you do not make the excuse of NO mood of intimacy. As all of the time, the mood is not the reason of erection failure. However, men get stimulated with touch and foreplay done by a partner but failed to get erection indicate a sign of medical illness. This might be happening of many factors like as of Stress, workload, anxiety, or depression, excessive alcoholism, use of tobacco, watching regular adult videos, the excess habit of masturbating and medical conditions like a diabetic. No matter what factor making your erection failure, but Cenforce is the only cure for your problem.

Cenforce 150mg is proved medicament by the sexual development for the treatment of erection failure in men during intimacy. It helps the impotent to men to have a harder erection during the final round of intimacy and make their partner satisfied. It enhances the amount of blood in the body by preventing the breakdown of enzyme cGMP and makes the penile harder.

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Cenforce enfolds of Sildenafil as a main active moiety that falls under the group of PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. The depletion of cGMP substance into the men body is liable for the poor functioning of blood in penile, which happen as of PDE-5 enzyme. The drug sildenafil blocks the action of the PDE-5 enzyme and prevents the breakdown of cGMP that leads to enhancing the amount of blood flow into the penile organ and aver erection failure.

Cenforce is easy to get on the strength of 100 and 200mg. The intake of one tablet of prescribed strength is required to have 60 minutes before intimacy. The drug starts showing its action in the period of 30 minutes, which nest in the body for the duration of 5 hours. Therefore, the intake of one tablet of Cenforce is required to take once in a day as an overdose may lead to prolonging or painful ejection. The consumption of medication with or without food does not affect the drug activity. The medication needs to be taken orally by swallowing with water.

Protective measures to be followed with Cenforce:

  • Alcohol consumption reduces the beneficial effect of the medicine, so better to avoid it.
  • Heavy meals enclose fatty food reduce the absorption rate of the medicine in the male body.
  • Nitrate drugs bring a drop in the blood pressure if taken with Cenforce medication.
  • Any allergy towards the generic Sildenafil or other ingredients may result in adverse effects of the drug.
  • The intake of Cenforce when below 18 years could be dangerous.
  • You have to avoid the driving and machinery work after the intake of Cenforce medication.

Unnecessary side problems:

Some males find fault of some side effects with Cenforce medicine like a painful erection, muscle pain, stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurring of vision, swelling of hands or feet.

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