You must have heard that "things are good but at certain level", or limit. When talking about cholesterol it can be our ally or rival at other way when it crosses its limit in blood.

Cholesterol as a friend is found in every entity of cells, it serves as food source in form of fat and oily base which does not mix in blood. Cholesterol is silent killer for sure; you never know when your blood cholesterol level increases that will bring chances of Heart stroke. 

This cholesterol serves as protective layer for cell wall and its configuration. Cholesterol allows the absorption of Vitamin D, helps in formation of hormones and bile acids.

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Cholesterol is carried by two types of lipoprotein: LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL (High density lipoprotein), also known as bad cholesterol and good cholesterol respectively. When you go beyond the parameters of cholesterol range and your cholesterol seems you pounding, obstructing your heart beat and blood circulation that means you are prone of cholesterol disorder that bring atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis then you should seek help of Questran.

You must be asking what this Questran is.

Questran is containing Cholestyramine that is bile acid that binds the resins and the drug, this helps in lowering the cholesterol level by dissolving the level of
Cholesterol that is responsible for causing cardio vascular disorder that risks the blood vessels and acts on the disorder like heart attack.

• The drug is marketed in the pack of sachets of 4 gm with active drug called Cholestyramine.
• The drug shows its action in the digestive system, the drug absorbs the cholesterol containing bile and acids.
• One may use the drug along juice or water; dissolve as the drug is served in powdered form.
• You should dissolve single sachet in 150ml of liquid. Let the powder settle and rinsed well shake the water and have it.
• One may take the medication according to the medical condition; generally you can take 3-6 sachets of Questran. The single dose can be divided 4 times in a day.

One may avoid the increased cholesterol level by healthy eating habits and exercise:

Take healthy diet including healthy meals nuts rich with Trans fat and saturated fats. Take supplements that are rich in vitamin E fibers and proteins that help in lowering the LDL and triglycerides.
One should add up the exercising and habit to control the weight and by help of brisk walking this will control increased blood pressure, diabetes and heart disorder caused due to increased triglyceride levels.
Cut smoking habit as smoking decreases the oxygen and brings various disorder like emphysema, narrowing of arteries. 


Warnings indications!!!

• Patient should not take the drug in dry form as the drug may choke the throat because it is served in dry powder form.
• If one is diabetic, Questran may increase the blood sugar so take the drug under precaution.
• The drug will reduce the absorption of vitamin A, D and K, so you should take the supplement along the medication.
• The drug is not meant for the children below 6 years of age.
• The drug is not meant for the lactating and pregnant women.

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