A woman or a girl is always seen in the society as someone, who is mainly accountable for the upbringing of the child into the world. Some people while considering such role of a woman even neglect her other rights or dreams as like of having a proper education, accomplishing her set goals, and more over serving rights and freedom on her own body. When a girl is unwed and becomes adult, people commence asking questions that "So when you are going to get married". When she gets married, the question that most frequently asked to her at any social gathering is that "So when you are planning to have children". There is a ratio of few who ask her "What are your dreams, what you are doing in order to accomplish them".


Likewise, after marriage, there are so many who compelled women to bring their offspring when even she does not feel so that the time is by her side as she may feel to give more time to her marriage, to her professional life, etc. However, when she gets pregnant and wants to abort it then sometimes her family member's starts telling her that "You should not do so; a child is blessing and abortion means just killing a life". They fail to understand the emotion of women by which she desires to end her pregnancy and also that if she continues giving birth to her unwanted fetus then it will not only have an influence on the health of the child and mother, in fact, it may also perturb the way of parenting by such women.


Whereas there are few partners who encourage their woman in their decision of accessing an abortion of an unwanted pregnancy in order to respect her opinions and her life. However, if you are also searching an appropriate manner of accessing an abortion then you can try a well-admired abortion pill titled as MTP Kit. It is a great combination of two generics termed as Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which gives an opportunity to women to implement abortion in a reserved manner without having any complications or pain.

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Mifepristone curbs action of the progesterone hormone in the female body. Progesterone hormone function to deliver the nutrition, oxygen, and blood to the growing fetus and blockage of this hormone proportionately hamper fetus from getting these fundamental constituents. Subsequent to this fetus dies and Misoprostol, the other generic ease in ejecting the dead fetus, placenta, and fetus out the mother womb through directing the vigorous narrowing of the endometrial wall.


MTP Kit is a set of five pills, in which one pill of Mifepristone (200mg) and four pills of Misoprostol (200 mcg each) are integrated. Women are prescribed to swallow the first solo pill of Mifepristone on the beginning day on an empty stomach with an enormous sum of water. Then after retaining a space of two days, second pill four pills of Misoprostol have to be taken as a single dose by oral or vaginal route. At the arrival of 14nth day, it is necessary to confirm a complete abortion through having ultrasonography test.


Few of the noxious effects of MTP Kit that may be observed by women are such as back pain, stomach cramping or pain, diarrhea, wooziness, nausea, headache, lethargy, vaginal bleeding or discharge and vomiting.


Defensive instructions that should be followed with MTP Kit include woman must circumvent devouring grapefruits, grape juices, and alcoholic drinks. This pill is not applicable to be used for abolishing an ectopic pregnancy or a gestation that has gone beyond 9 weeks. IUD should be removed before installing this pill in a woman who is intrauterine device user.



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