Acne is a common clinical skin condition that normally occurs in teens however, it can also happen to the matured peoples too. Almost 1 in 5 individuals suffer acne. In a teen, acne may arise due to some hormonal changes. Pimples and acne are caused due to deprived facial skin health and now and then by hormonal imbalances. One may face acne with breakout prone skin since long time maybe middle school. Facing acne can make life difficult many feels uncomfortable among friends and family, they do not want to go in parties and ceremonies. The major significant step to getting rid of it is to realize what causes acne.

Whilst some individuals infrequently have breakouts, others have an ongoing assault of pimples. The pimples can be painful and unappealing, and to cover them up there are many medications are available. The majorities of the teenagers look for immediate Pimple Treatment and opt for ointments, soaps, lotions and creams but Ayurveda has safe pimple treatment. However, acne can be controlled with the help of a medication called as Retin-A Micro cream. This medication works by completing the deficiency in collagen that exists in the skin is partially improved.


Retin-A Micro cream is an outstanding medication that is commonly intended for the management of acne vulgaris. This medication contains Tretinoin as the primary active ingredient and prepared as a topical agent. One can use the medication for the management of scar treatment, and sun-damaged skin. The use of this medication reduces the number and severity of acne pimples, spotted skin discoloration, and improves quick healing. Generic Tretinoin comes in the category of medication called as a retinoid.


Retin-A Micro Cream

The method of application: For the treatment of acne and other skin condition, Retin-A Micro cream is normally advised to use preferably at bedtime. For the application, one should wash hands and the affected area before using the medication. Take the sufficient amount of medication on your finger and then gently rub it on the skin, for proper mixing massage smoothly. Do not use more than recommended dose of this cream as it can cause harmful effects and use the cream on regular basis for a better result.

Possible side effects: an individual while using the medication can feel some unwanted effects such as numbness, blister formation or crusting of the skin, peeling off, stinging of the skin, itching, scaling of the skin, rashes, redness, irritation, burning sensation on the area applied area.   


Preventive measures while using Retin-A Micro Cream:

  • A woman who is pregnant and lactating should not consume the medication without consulting the doctor.   
  • After using the medication, you should use a sunscreen daily, and wear protective clothing when outdoors.
  • Prevent using the medication to other parts of the body, (eyes, nose, cuts and mouth) as it is topical preparation.
  • This medicine is not recommended to use if allergic to vitamin A and any ingredients of Retin-A Micro cream and does not use the medication if suffering from eczema.  


If you are suffering from acne and wants to overcome than Retin-A Micro cream is the best option for you. Buy Retin-A Micro Cream online from our pharmacy store and get it delivered at your home.