OMG!! Erection lost again, said "Jonny". In the middle of the passionate act with his partner, he had an unsuccessful attempt again. For about four months, he was not able to show up to his partner. Every time when he fails in bed he says Next Time, it won't happen. His partner was struggling to stay in this relationship. His partner "Marinda" also had to suffer a lot due to his sensual disability.


Erectile dysfunction has been penetrating in their life for quite four months. She thinks looking sensually attractive may stimulate him. She has tried all form of sensual act right from massaging, fondling, kissing, licking but nothing happened. This was hitting their relationship hard, you can say this was a bad phase of their life and the only "hope" was left. Marinda was not like other women who would leave her husband for this issue. She was hopeful that one day a solution would come up.

After four months of sexless marriage, she heard somewhere through her friend the name FILDENA for gaining an erection. Her friend husband was also going through the same problem of ED. Now in one night, the things changed around them. The physical connection was back and they had many sensual sessions within the night. The things continued at same pace and now sensual life looked brighter and more brighter day by day. Jonny gave full ratings to this medicine.


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Sildenafil is the GENERIC of Fildena. This is known as a phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor. The question is why there is need to inhibit PDE5. This enzyme function is to detoriate the cGMP that is present inside the penile region. This will ultimately lead to less cGMP quantity. Hence, there will be less vasodilation and so no erection at all. To improve the quantity of cGMP, you must begin using Fildena. This will be a hike in the amount of cGMP that is needed for vasodilation and thus, for keeping up an erection for quite long time.


Fildena can be obtained from our online website as strengths 50 mg and 100 mg. People who are incapable of sustaining an erection must try this medicine single tablet before one hour of sensual chemistry. The action starts within 30 minutes of time and the action sustains for about a duration of 4-5 hours.


*You can take the next dose only after 24 hours.

*You have to take it only through an oral route with water


There are some contraindications points that should be followed always

  • You are not allowed to use this medicine if you fall under 18 years of age.
  • You should never use this drug if highly allergic towards this.
  • You should never consume this drug if using Nitrate medicines.

Follow some safety precautions before and after using this such as:

  • After you have sensual engagement you might get dizzy, thus stop difficult tasks.
  • Grapefruit juice will possibly interact and lead to ill effects so shun its use.
  • Boozing should be rendered, as this will only cause worsening of effect.
  • The cardiac patient should only engage in the sensual act after physician permission.
  • Do not take more than recommended by your physician.


Some of the harmful effects that precipitate with this medicine are as flushing, palpitation, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, painful erection, drowsiness, shortness of breath, back pain, muscle pain, and vision problems.