90% of the illegal abortion cases are from developing world countries. What does that signify? Does that mean all the women there have sub standard morals?

To me, that signifies that they are scared of the society so they take illegal means to curb their condition or maybe that doesn't even get to make the decision but yes, they are blamed and called names.

Now most of us all agree that abortion is bad, the health related aspect or the moral aspect to an extent. Let's ask ourselves how much have we contributed to make lives better for the women in a distant part of the world who is incapable financially of supporting a child. How much have we contributed to relieve a woman subjugated by a man or society as a whole?

When we start blaming women for the wrongs associated with abortion do we even the fact that mostly she is not at the helm of decision-making. Criticism of those who are wrong is an essential part of stable existence but blanket covering everyone to be wrong is wrong too. How many of us really consider that they too have worked hard to be where they are and it is not wrong to have ambitions, she can choose not to be a mother if she feels her career will get a downfall, she can choose not to be a mother at all, and it's her choice.



For those women who have made the choice of terminating their pregnancy, the best drug with high efficacy and safer comparatively is MTP kit. The drug has been widely used by women stuck with this situation and provides a whopping success rate of 95%. The popularity of MTP kit is not only due to the efficacy but also its price, quality and privacy it provides you with.

 Mifepristone is an Anti-progestin class of drug that has a negative effect on a primarily female hormone called progesterone, which is responsible for the growth of the fetus. The decline in the level of progesterone hormone leads to the shedding of the uterine wall, which results in the omission of the fetus from the womb as the placenta detaches itself from the uterine wall. Mifepristone blocks the oxygen and nutrient supply to the fetus, aiding in the process of cell death. It also relaxes and dilates the cervix that facilitates the easy exclusion of a fetus. Misoprostol is a prostaglandin analog, which causes the contraction of the endometrial wall, which eases the expulsion of fetus out of the womb.

MTP Kit encloses five pills in its pack, it has one Mifepristone pill of 200mg and four Misoprostol pills of  200mcg each. On the first day of the therapy, Ingest the Mifepristone pill in the morning while you are on an empty stomach, orally with a huge amount of water. Wait for 2 days and on day 3 and take all four Misoprostol pills either orally or vaginally, use saline water if you are the pill vaginally. Visit a clinic on day 14 to get an ultrasonography done to confirm the news of abortion.

The most common side effects experienced by women using MTP kit are exhaustion, giddiness, diarrhea, stomach cramping or pain, severe vaginal bleeding, nausea, back pain, and vomiting.


  • This product should not be employed for the termination of pregnancy greater than 9 weeks of gestation.
  • Do not indulge yourself in sensual activities right after the execution as there are greater risks of getting an infection.
  • Eat healthy and iron, protein rich diet to make uo for the losses occurred during the process.


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