Episode 1#

Devil and Deny a married couple of 2 years were enjoying their married life, as their married life was fulfilled with love, fun, and intimacy. Every day after their working hours and daily task, they used to spend some quality time together. At 11 pm in the bedroom, there start a romantic love session inside the bedroom, where they both enjoy cuddling, kissing, hugging and satisfied sexual activity with each other; they enjoyed their sexual act so much that they lost into each other completely at that time. Every day at 11 pm their personal space starts with fun, romance, and end with happiness and satisfaction.


From last two months, there comes a pause into Devil and Deny love life. They did not know what was happening with them, whenever they start with cuddling and reached towards Intimacy, Devil failed to achieve an erection. It was not happening once but happens, daily, weekly and now months were passed away. Now they get irritated with each other, due to lack of intimacy between them. Still, they were together, as they loved each other so much that they could not dare to get separated and ready to handle every situation together. They finally, visit the sexual therapist for advice and therapist let them knew about erectile dysfunction from which Devil was going through. Therapist assured them with the effectual cure of ED by prescribing a medication known as Fildena.

#Conclusion# there paused love life started again, but this time they feel more fun, thrill and harder erection in their intimate life, just all because of Fildena.

Succinct summary concerning Fildena

The men who did not attain tougher or stiff erection at the time of intimacy with partner known as sexually impotent or erectile failure. Fildena a complete product of anti-impotence drug (Sildenafil) is a tremendous and extremely medication for the management of erection bother or failure in men. It blessed the lads with the tougher erection by reposeful the sleek muscles of associate organ or penile organ.


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Working action of Fildena

Sildenafil main purposeful moiety of Fildena categorized below the cluster of PDE-5 accelerator matter drug. They exert their action by amplifying the assembly of cGMP by hampering the PDE-5 liable for breakage of cGMP into the penile organ. Increased production of cGMP ends up in enhanced quantity of blood flow in male penal organ at the time of sexual practice. The lads get a tougher erection once his organ gets to achieve sufficient quantity of blood flow to that.

Dosing administration of Fildena

Fildena oral pill indefinite quantity type is simple to induce on the strength of fifty mg and 100mg. the erectile men will begin his treatment with 50mg and may augment it up to 100mg relying upon body demand. The lads ought to take a dose of prescribed strength one hour ago to intimacy with a huge quantity of water. The drug takes a half-hour to exert its action and keep in men body for five hours. Therefore, men ought to ought to consume only 1 dose at intervals twenty-four hours.

However, men may experience some side effects like as facial flushing, chest pain, back pain, nasal decongestion, dizziness, vision changes and a ringing sound in the ear. Therefore, take some defensive steps to slow down drug side effects like as of:

  • Do not take Fildena medication along with grapefruit juices, alcohol, and high fatty food and along with nitrate derivative.
  •  Prohibit the use of Fildena if you are not well of liver, kidney, heart and blood disorder.
  •  It makes you feel dizzy and drowsy, so take caution while performing the risk-involving activity.
  •  In the case of overdose painful or prolong ejaculation take place if the last longer confers with a doctor immediately.


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