Getting an erection is normal in every boy. In teenage boys get embarrassed, when anyone notices there boner through their pants. Boys start discovering their erection as soon they enter maturity. At that time, they do not know about sensuality, they get pleasure through masturbation under sheets. Time passes and as they grew, their hormones ignite the sensual desire in them. They discover it through porn sites and adult movies. They fall in love with some girl and love grew more and more after physical intimacy. More you are physically connected, more love grow. This is called the HAPPY ENDING.

On contrary to it, some boys do not come up with any sign of an erection. Even after stimulation through visually, or through physically no erection happens. This disorder is a question of worry and is known as ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION. A man's erection and women's libido plays an important part in the sensual fun. Without this, there is no pleasure and no fun at all.

To bring and maintain an erection for sensual satisfaction, a man must use and buy FILDENA. This medicine will revive your sensual potency and will help you to enjoy and keep your girl near you. Your physical intimacy session will release serotonin, which creates love bonding.   

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The GENERIC of Fildena is Sildenafil. This medicine comes under the class of phosphodiesterase enzyme inhibitor. PDE5 enzyme induces the degradation of cGMP and so there is left less cGMP in the penile region. Very inadequate amount of cGMP causes poor vasodilation and erection.

The active ingredient SILDENAFIL causes the block in PDE5 activity, thus there is a rise in cGMP number. Good cGMP means good vasodilation and so strong erection. The blood flows outside stops and so there is sustenance of an erection. You should get engaged in sensual arousal after taking the medicine in order to gain the effect.

The dose of Fildena that are available in our webstore is 50 mg.

A person who is dealing with insufficient erection should take a single tablet of Fildena before one hour of physical intimacy session. The activity starts within 30 minutes and the activity remains for about 4-5 hours time. You must take it through orally with water. Take the next dosage only after 24 hours of the first one.

A person before taking this medicine must follow below written CONTRAINDICATIONS such as:

  • DO NEVER use this medicine if you face any sensitive reaction with this.
  • DO NEVER use this medicine if your age falls under 18 years.
  • DO NEVER use this medicine if you are also consuming Nitrates.
  • DO NEVER use if your erection becomes painful.


Any person who has to use this medicine must follow some SAFETY AND PRECAUTIONARY tips such as mentioned below:

  • Inclination towards alcohol is bad, as drinking alcohol will uplift the ill effects.
  • Shun any kind of grapefruit juice, as those drinks will also cause worse effects.
  • You should also avoid meals rich in fats, as that food will slow down the rate of absorption.
  • Use in the cardiac patient only after doctor suggestion.
  • Keep away from harsh work as dizziness precipitates.


Some common AFTER EFFECTS that occurs in some people are as Flushing, Shortness of breath, Nausea, Vomiting, Painful erection, Back pain, Muscle pain, and Dizziness.


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