No need to run here & there to find abortion clinics, while you can have an abortion induced sitting at your home with abortion pills. It is the medical breakthrough and pill of hope for every woman who are struggling with unwanted pregnancies.

Moreover, enough scientific evidence is available regarding the potential of abortion pills to terminate pregnancy. It meets and exceeds FDA standards for early abortion. It successfully induces abortion with safety and efficacy for women up to 63 days' gestation. However, it takes time for the uterus to empty and for the abortion to be complete. Therefore, it is very essential that you understand the abortion process carefully without any hassle.

The Effect:

Abortion pills stop the growth of a fetus by preventing the function hormone Progesterone. Shortage of the progesterone hormone changes the uterine wall and washes out the embryo from the womb. Mifepristone breaks the cervical wall while Misoprostol boosts the strong contractions on the endometrial wall. It results in the expulsion of a fetus along with callus and blood clots from the womb.


Abortion pills


Top Brands of abortion pills:

  1. Brands for generic Mifepristone: Mifeprex, Mifegyn, RU486, and Korlym.
  2. Brands for generic Misoprostol: Cytotec.
  3. Brand for combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol: MTP Kit.

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Here is the elaborated dosing regimen of Brands containing Mifepristone alone, Misoprostol and MTP kit: 

  1. Mifepristone alone: Consume 3 tablets of 200mg Mifepristone orally with sufficient amount of water. Visit a nearby physician after 2 days for confirmation of the abortion.
  2. Misoprostol (200mcg) alone: Consume 12 tablets orally 4 at a time with an interval of 5 hours. Visit a nearby physician after 2 days for confirmation of the abortion.
  3. MTP kit: It consists of 5 tablets one of Mifepristone abortion Pills 200mg and 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg each. You have to ingest one tablet of Mifepristone orally on the first day, its effect stays for 2 to 3 days. For abortion confirmation, visit your nearest doctor. In the case of incomplete abortion, ingest 4 tablets of Misoprostol and 14 days, visit your nearby doctor’s clinic for an ultrasound to verify the confirmation of abortion.

The possible risks, side effects, and limitations include cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heavy vaginal bleeding.

Note these precautionary measures while being on MTP Kit Regimen:

  1. DO NOT use the medication, if you are allergic to either Mifepristone or Misoprostol. 
  2. Abortion pills SHOULD NOT be used for ectopic pregnancy (i.e. pregnancy outside the uterus) case.
  3. DO NOT use when you have inserted intrauterine contraceptive devices.
  4. After completion of an abortion with abortion pills, it is advised to take fresh fruit juices to gain strength.

Bottom Line:

Abortion pills are less painful and non-intrusive method of abortion. Some women feel like it is a more like a natural abortion in case of miscarriage. It offers great privacy and considered as the best methods to terminate early in a pregnancy. Place an order with us now.

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