Nicotine is the one of the most highly addictive component, which is not easily treated after having an addiction of it. It is a common cause of having other severe disorders, disability and even death. It can cause emphysema, lung cancer, bronchial disorders and cardiovascular disorders.


Smoking cessation is prolong and also very difficult process to control your addiction. There are different ways which can be used for smoking cessation like:


Varenicline is a legendary drug, which is helpful to reduce the urge to smoke and is also more effective than Bupropion. This drug sold under the brand of Chantix, which is marketed by Pfizer.

• Nicotine replacement therapy: This is an FDA approved medication, which is used to end the smoking consumption. In this treatment, nicotine supplement (a form that does not involve in the risk of smoking) is given in a low dose to the patient for short period. It is available in various dosage forms, i.e. inhalers, patches, gum, lozenges and gum.
• Management with medications: There are various drugs that can be successfully used for smoking cessation. These are various medicines that used in this category, i.e. Varenicline and certain anti depressant drugs like Bupropion. They are choice of drug that gives long term success rate. Sometime, it is beneficial to take psychological counseling during medication to reduce the withdrawal symptoms that causes due to this therapy.


Varenicline is a legendary drug, which is helpful to reduce the urge to smoke and is also more effective than Bupropion. This drug sold under the brand of Chantix, which is marketed by Pfizer.


Category of Chantix: Nicotinic receptor partial agonist
Available dosage form of Chantix: Oral tablet
Available doses of Chantix: 0.5 and 1 mg


This drug is successfully used to treat addiction caused due to the nicotine. Because, when an individual smokes, then nicotine from it reaches into your brain. In brain, it binds to the nicotinic receptors, which releases dopamine and makes you relax and also generates feeling of good. Sometime later, when the dopamine level drop that creates urge to smoke again. Chantix competitively binds to the nicotinic receptors to replace the nicotine, which further releases dopamine but in lesser extent. Through this way, it helps to stop smoking.


There are two different ways to take this therapy, i.e.


First way, set a date to quit smoking and start your dosage form before one week of that date. Start your dosage regimen with low dose. The dose of this drug increases simultaneously to reduce the chances of having side effects. And stop smoking on the predicted date.
Second way, start your dosage regimen with this drug before deciding your date to stop smoking. Start your dosage form with low dose and increases your dose simultaneously after sometime. Then choose the date to quit smoking between the 8 and 35 day of therapy. Then, stop smoking in that date.
No matter which way you choose for treatment, but the important thing is that to follow the recommended conditions.

Dosing information for smoking cessation:
Day 1 to 3: 0.5 mg once in a day
Day 4 to 7: 0.5 mg twice a day
After 7 days: 1 mg twice a day


Sometime, this treatment takes 12 weeks to show its complete and effective therapeutic effect.


Important information about therapy with Chantix: 


Important information about therapy with Chantix:
• This drug can be taken after having meal, with a glass of water.
• This drug should not be taken with some medicines like anti coagulant drugs, insulin, Theophylline and certain herbal products.
• The use of this drug should be contraindicated in an individual, if you have an allergy problem from this drug.
• This drug becomes more sensitive, when it consumed along with alcohol beverages. So it is beneficial to avoid alcohol intake while having this drug.

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