You are a young man of 27 have an athlete slim fit body and in healthy sexual relation with your girlfriend. You meet your girlfriend after one year and at the time of intimacy you failed to attain a hard erection and thinks that might be you were meeting after a long time that's why it was happening to you. However, the same thing happens next time again, even when you were sexually provoked as your girlfriend was too hot to provoke you. At that time, you think you both were lacking foreplay before the sexual act. You try some new method of sexual stimulation, the result comes out that your girlfriend gets sexually active and wants from you to penetrate your organism inside her so that she can feel you inside her. However, you were no able to please your girlfriend, as your joy organ was again soft this time.

Then you search on the internet for help and get a satisfactory answer in the form of Cenforce tablets. Buy Cenforce 150 mg tablets and take it before intimacy.  This time you were completely different, as with different style of foreplay and intake of Cenforce make you attain a hard erection. You penetrate our hard organism inside her and make her feel you inside her.  This all results out in long lasting pleasing intimacy act.

Cenforce is an incredible medication for treating erection or sexual dysfunction.

Cenforce tablets of 150 and 200 mg are an incredible medication used for treating the erection or sexual dysfunction issues. Today, it is preferred by most of the men for pleasing intimacy. It encloses of FDA approved Sildenafil citrate for erection treatment.

Cenforce orally tablet dosage form is accessible into the strength of 100 or 200 mg. men above the age of 18 years can take one pill of Cenforce one hour ago to sexual activity by swallowing it with an enormous amount of water. Sexual stimulation is required for the effective action of the drug without it does not act. When you take a pill, within 30 minutes drug starts its action by blocking the activity of the PDE-5 enzyme and leads to the production of cGMP into the body. By softening the walls of blood vessels, it allows the blood to flow through them to the penile area when penile get sufficient blood, it results in a hard erection.

This effective action lasts in the body for 5 hours, so you can enjoy the pleasing intimacy for this sufficient period in 24 hours. No need to repeat the dose, as one pill nest in your body for 4-5 hours that is enough for hard and pleasing sexual act.

If you are taking any nitrate compounds, alcohol drinking, grapefruit juices, and fatty content then avoid it; else, it may lead to increase blood pressure or somehow affect drug activity. If suffering from the medical condition of liver, kidney, heart and allergic issues then avoid the intake of Cenforce tablets. If painful or prolong erection nest for a long time then consult with doctor instantly.

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