When those two lines of Pregnancy detection kit turns pink then in what way they affect the women, men can't even think! For some, it is a celebration time to welcome the tiny feet at home but for some, this is the worst that can happen to them.

Being a teenage girl and studying in a university to build a career and in between the studies, getting pregnant is a lethal combination. As career stands your first priority and just being intimate with a friend doesn't mean that you are expecting a baby from your physical relationship. Therefore, unplanned, unexpected, and accidental pregnancy can meet only a single fate called abortion. But...this doesn't mean that only teenage girls can go for abortion as their stands a good career ahead in their life.

Women of age above twenties-thirties and even married woman can also go for choice of abortion but here the priority is not the career ....but includes "not so good health, short of finances, family planning issue, relationship or marital issues with beau or spouse and others".


Not only it's difficult but also impossible to arrange a pregnancy to an order but what is possible is managing the unwanted via RU486 abortion pill. These medicines do not affect your body's fertile power and do not hamper your reproductive function in adverse so getting pregnant again in future is 100% possible after the use of RU486 pills. So, do not compromise with an unwanted pregnancy, go ahead, find your true love and frame a planned pregnancy with him.

Using RU486 is safe to wind up an unplanned pregnancy but these pills can be employed only for the duration of maximum 7 weeks of gestation. So, prior taking the pills go for an ultra scan and figure out your gestation age and confirm that pregnancy is not ectopic, as this particular pregnancy can't be wind up by using the RU486 pill. The only endoscopic can be drained.

Take 3 pills of RU486 means the generic Mifepristone each of dosing 200mg in a single go with colossal water early in morning on an empty stomach. Do not crush this medicine under teeth in the mouth and also do not break it in between. See your physician after 2 days of taking the dosing and get confirmed that nothing is left within the uterus. If the scan shows some debris that it's become necessary for you to put 2 pills of Misoprostol each of dosing 200mcg deep within your vaginal cavity or can put the pills underneath your tongue and let it dissolve in saliva.

Mifepristone is an antiprogesterone agent that shatters the release of pregnancy hormone progesterone and hinders the development of the fetus and shut down the pregnancy development. Misoprostol on other induces contractile movements within the abdomen and detach every connection between fetus and the mother. So, drains the pregnancy via vaginal bleeding called menstruation.

Mood swings, stiff back, headache, nausea, trembling & pain in muscles with mild fever are some adverse reactions that RU486 pills might develop but taking some cautions can guard you against other after effects of the medicine. Cautions include no booze, no smoke, and no abuse. No strenuous workout and intimacy are expected from women until she stops bleeding. Taking IUD if you use is the important caution prior you place pills in your vaginal region.

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