This article is for those girls who love to do late night parties without their parents’ information and get pregnant unintentionally so these girls should know about the abortion way by pills. At this time they become fearful and start searching for cheap secretive abortion way that can be life-threatening so it is better to opt for safe abortion by MTP Kit.

You were forced for intercourse…

You were a younger girl who was fine with a party UNTIL you did not drink; you were there without telling to your parents about it. You went with the flow party and get messed with them. You did not think of drink at all. You were trying to be fit with the rest of members. You ended up at your friend’s house where you were forced to be physical.

Really you were under the influence of drink and you do not have any idea what was going on. You were remembering to say no, but the boy continuously pulls down your trouser and eventually passed out. When you woke up, you remember some blurred moments like he was on top of you and performing intercourse with you.

Trying to forget THAT night! you realize about the missed period. That night again comes in front of your eyes and on testing pregnancy test, it became clear that you were pregnant….Stuck in this situation, only abortion seems an alright way for it for that you can choose MTP Kit.

Almost girls do not want to tell about their unwished pregnancy especially when it is a result of forced intimacy or when she is not ready for it, MTP Kit is an option that can keep the secrecy of pregnancy news. If a woman is not ready to go to the hospital for abortion procedure then she can use MTP Kit and do her abortion at home or any other trusted place. Apart from that, it is a completely non-surgical way of abortion so there is no need to be fearful about the process of abortion as it is done by use of pills only. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two generic medicines that come in one pack of MTP Kit.

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The action of Mifepristone starts by blocking the work of progesterone hormone that is responsible for stopping the ongoing supply of nutrients to the emerging fetus resulting in the fetal death. The second action of this medicine is to break the uterine wall so that fetal gets detach from the placenta. Another medicine Misoprostol is a prostaglandin analog that makes strong contraction so that dead fetus gets out of the mother body.

A woman is advised to take one Mifepristone pill (200mg) with colossal of water with an abundance of water in a blank stomach; it will be your day 1. On your 3rd day, you need to administer 4 Misoprostol pills (200mg) orally or vaginally. Lastly when it comes 14th day you need to check by ultrasound to be sure about abortion.

The exception also exists in some women; MTP Kit develops side effects like a headache, abdominal cramps, and awkwardness in vaginal part, unclearness, heavy vaginal bleeding, clumsiness, illness, pelvic pain. Therefore it is very important to follow some cautionary measures like do not take alcohol while taking MTP Kit as it may enhance the risks of side effects. Take complete rest as this will help you to recover the losses happened in your body.

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