In simple terms, it can be said that a male suffers from erectile dysfunction but when we look closely, the suffering is mutual, a man has ED but a couple suffers from it, in fact, a relation suffers from it. What once used to be a sweet and amazing relation turns ugly and dissatisfying, probably every loophole which once was hidden now comes to the surface and you feel like trapped. Even after such effective medications such as Cenforce to get you a better erection and listed below are few tips to get the harmony back in your relationship. However every relationship is unique and the two of you know how to manage it well; these points might not look new but can be executed with honesty to eradicate ED from your relationship.

It is common for a male to feel ashamed and embarrassed of ED and it is equally common for a female to wonder where all this came from and it is common for these emotions to aggravate when the condition repeats it often while making out. Even though it may seem difficult to talk about it, it is of great importance that you do, not just talk but understand. Maintaining silence over the issue can lead to various other emotions such as self-blame, anxiety, insecurity, hurt etc. in your partner even though it may make you feel a bit better for some time but once the more time progresses the difficult it gets to face it.  The first thing it seems you need to do is to own the condition and share it with your partner.

It is said that the couple dealing with ED can be classified in four categories: there are overcomers (who solve it together), resigners (who seek no treatment), avoiders (who live in a denial), and the alienators (who break up or seek for pleasure elsewhere). Now, if your partner is in the last two groups then there is a problem bigger than ED in this relationship, but if the partner is in first two slots then you can convince them easily. To get more comfortable with the condition you need to know more about it, search and read about ED, if possible do it together, understanding the basics of ED can give you a glimpse that it can be managed.

Explore intimacy more:

ED may make you think that your love life is pointless which so wrong a conception. In fact most therapist will tell you to look at intimacy not just intercourse but intimacy which is far wider than intercourse. When you focus on your intimacy when you both feel grateful in spite all odds that you are lying naked with the one you want to be, you enjoy the presence, the nakedness and connect with each other emotionally rather than fixating on the genitals. Deviate your mind from the genital and get involved and derive pleasure from the foreplay, you kiss, caress, pet each other, explore more of intimacy and relate to it, the gloom of not having an intercourse subsides and gives you something as  beautiful. As far as intercourse is concerned, it is just a drug away for most, Cenforce is the answer you are looking for.


Cenforce 150mg is a very widely used ED product used for the effective management of ED. The drug makes a person come out of this despicable condition by offering male with a huge erection with sustained erection quality. Cenforce as you may find it is a very efficient therapy that provides unfailing results at almost every use. Cenforce happens to be the first preference of leading therapists and patients suffering from ED, as this medicine restore the lost confidence of the males and help them rejuvenate their love life as the erection induced is unwavering and does not easily fade away.

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Sildenafil Citrate is the active therapeutic constituent in Cenforce, this drug is the first of its class medicine (PDE-5 inhibitor) used as the treatment of ED; it is an FDA approved preparation for the given indication.  Sildenafil exerts its therapeutic response by the functioning of an enzyme known as PDE-type 5 which is responsible for the degradation of a chemical called cGMP which relaxes and dilates the penile blood vessels and improves the blood flow through them which complements erection.

You can avail Cenforce from our online pharmacy in multiple dosing orders of 50, 100, 150 and 200mg. The therapy is usually initiated with the lowest available dose of 50 mg which can further be elevated to different doses in case more response is needed. Cenforce is to be taken orally, once a day approximately one hour before making out. Take this drug in a sensually motivated state with or without food.

A few side effects of this medication are listed ahead; heartburn, muscle aches, light-headedness, nasal blocking, headache, vomiting, redness of the face, or extended or painful erection.


You are advised to look out for immediate medical help if you at any point experience an erection that is painful and is available for 4 to 5 hours do not leave this condition untreated and leave the therapy is your doctor asks you to. A few people feel dizzy and drowsy as an after effect of this medication; do not drive till you know you can concentrate. Sildenafil when taken along with any of the Nitrate medications can lead to severe and sudden drop in blood pressure which lead to dangerous outcomes.

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