A "boy" and a "girl" can never stay just being good friends especially when the two are connected emotionally with each other and are best buddies of all season either be it happiness, grief or anger. This is the most common saying- accepted and admitted by one & all!


The two people who are best friends to each other share a quite strong emotional bond and have an awesome understanding with affection and admiration for other. So, there comes a time in everybody's life when the one needs the other, especially under mental broken state. At this particular time when the one gets the caring cuddle and soothing soft kisses of other then in max cases, the situation takes a turn which brings the two sensually close and dependent on other.

The person who you love in deep when you get into intimacy with him then the pleasure is a delight and the satisfaction that one gets is ultimate. But every love story has something sour in it, similar happens with Stella and Alex, the two very best friend of each other who later begins to live-in with each other leaving behind their spouse and wife. The reason that attracted them towards each other was "sensual nights"-first & "emotional dependency"-second. Until the two keep enjoying their sensuality, everything was very well with them but as soon as Alex begins to slither in intimacy, Stella turns annoyed. But after ditching their life partners aside they have no option available to gamble on each other so better they decided to seek the advice of doctor expert in "sexuality" subject matter.

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This counseling turns up a milestone in Alex & Stella's life and they discovered out the new horizons in their bedroom life taking the assistance of medicine Fildena, accessible in the market under strengths 50mg & 100mg. It is an effective oral therapy consisting generic medication: Sildenafil Citrate - a best available cure to sexual weakness in men. Fildena enhances the potency of men to perform love in bed by improvising the flow of blood in penile shaft and enabling the person to be out of erectile dysfunction (ED). 

Fildena is an efficient PDE5-inhibitor that depicts its effect over the men via inhibiting PDE5 enzyme function. When the functioning of PDE5 gets inhibited in men's body then there occurs a spontaneous surge of nitric oxide which levels up same and an another chemical cGMP in corpus cavernosum tissues under men penile. To make the blood vessels and muscles underneath penile organ to dilate & relax to facilitate the rush of blood in penile part making it erect, sturdy and longer functional in bed.

Fildena dosing 50 or 100mg can be taken an hour before making love, swallow the dosing with colossal water either before or after the meals. Once you take the dosing the action of the same lasts its therapeutic effect for 4-5 hours. Lapse of 24 hours is mandatory prior you consume the next dosing of Fildena.

Certain adverse reactions that might annoy user of Fildena include a headache, sore throat, nasal congestion, indistinct vision, back pain & stiffness, myalgia & tremor, indigestion, painful and prolonged erection (Priapism).

As an advisory guideline, men must prevent the intake of grapefruit juice, foods that take the time to digest, alcohol, caffeine and smoking tobacco excessively. Nitrate medications can't run in simultaneous to Fildena medications. Boys under 18 years avoid taking this medication. Men after taking the dosing should quit self-driving the vehicle & handle any machine.

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