Why a woman does not like her pregnancy?

What must she choose when she is pregnant unwantedly or she does not desire?

Unwanted pregnancy is a major issue. A woman who gets pregnant when does not want to need some bit of advice. Our blog will resolve your problem. If a woman wishes not to carry her pregnancy and feels burdened with her pregnancy, she can take the step of an abortion with MTP Kit. However, remember that gestation should be less than nine weeks, not more. It is also advised to have an abortion at earliest to prevent the further threats.

It is hard to think of an abortion for a woman but at the same time, it is her choice to have a baby or not. She has the right to decide the fate of her child. If she can support her child then she bears but if she cannot support her child due to one or other reason than she chooses an abortion step. Among those of abortion pills, the best is MTP Kit. This is selling like hot cakes in the market for terminating a undesired pregnancy.    

Use MTP Kit and get success in abortion. There are many cases where a woman is unready for sustaining gestation. At that time, she chooses an abortion step. MTP Kit has two medicines in combination such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

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Strength of the contents

  • Mifepristone…………….200 mg
  • Misoprostol………………200 mcg


This medicine works in a stepwise manner. Among this, first Mifepristone obstructs Progesterone hormone working and blocks the supply of nutrition towards fetus. This causes the death of the fetus. Later Misoprostol induces the vasodilation and contraction of uterus thus, expelling the fetus out of the uterus. This finally terminates your pregnancy state. It takes few days to expel gestation. Remember that the pregnancy should be only less than nine weeks. For more than nine weeks gestation, MTP Kit is not used.


Procedure for taking up the medicine

Step one:

  • Use Mifepristone single tablet, each 200 mg.
  • Use it through an oral route with water.
  • Keep two days interval.

Step two:

  • On the third day, use four tablets of Misoprostol, each 200 mcg.
  • Use it with water orally or through vaginal route.
  • Keep 14 days interval.
  • On the 14th day, completely have a physical check-up to confirm about abortion procedure.


Contradictory measures one has to follow:

  • DO NEVER use in ectopic pregnancy
  • DO NEVER use in case of any allergic reaction
  • DO NEVER use in bleeding disorder or blood disorder
  • DO NEVER use if using corticosteroid or anti-coagulants

 Precautions you have to keep following:

  • Cease the use of grapefruit juice, as well as alcohol as these will produce sick effects.
  • Weakness may happen so have healthy diet and juices.
  • After an abortion, the dizzy feeling appears so render activities that are difficult.
  • Take out IUD's before carrying an abortion step.

There may precipitate SICK EFFECTS such as heavy vaginal bleeding, stomach upset, muscle pain, weakness, nausea, headache, and pelvic pain.


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