If a man gets empowered to determine her women sensual desires in a way much better than her then mind my words, he will rule not only in her heart like an Emperor but will enjoy all the comforts of the home without any hustle bustle from the women partner.

If you are lazy at home and don't support your wife in any of the household chores that I suggest the best remedy to you which is to please her sensually and pacifying all her intimate cravings plus fulfilling all the fantasies that are running in the background of the mind of the women.

Though the level of testosterone is high in men as when compared to women the cravings to get sensual in women is unbelievably high due to daily stress that she has to go through whilst managing home and office. So, a good intimate session made on bed works her like an extinguisher to pull down the daily stress, agitation, anxiety, and nervousness. As we all know that when the couple get intimate in bed the happy chemicals called Endorphins gets released from the body of the both the person that works immensely well in calming the two, making them appeased, relaxed, relieved from stress, headache, bodily discomfort thus in end allows the two people to get a good sleep.


Intimacy not only improves your bonding but make the health of the two people better than the best and it is the simplest task that as per me you will prefer to do rather than completing all household chores and do quarrel with the wife. Oh! You had an issue staying functional in bed for long then carry out intimacy after taking medicine Cenforce 150mg or 200mg and feel out the difference.

Sildenafil citrate is the active constituent enclosed within the brand Cenforce and the mechanism by which the medication acts on men body is raising the flow of blood in penile shaft and turning the penile shaft really... hard for providing a better bucking fun. This is done by the medicine via inhibiting the action of enzyme PDE5 to breakdown the molecules of cGMP so the concentration of the same gets up in the tissues of corpus cavernosum and a relaxing effect gets induced within penile muscles. Another chemical like NO, Nitric Oxide gets into the blood stream when men get aroused to make intimacy so the effect that penile blood vessels might get in vasodilation. Hence, due to same the rush of blood in men groin region gets to shoot up that turns penile harder for longer action.

The manner to consume Cenforce is an hour before making love in bed with a glass full of water without chewing or crushing the dosing. The dosing lasts its effect for 5-6 hours to consumption but men are still recommended to not to repeat the dosing prior 24 hours.

Note some adverse effects that men might get after taking Cenforce medicine includes nausea, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, pain and shivering in muscles, stiffness in back, shortening of breath, rash over the penile skin and Priapism.

Note these cautions that men have to follow when relying on Cenforce therapy are evasion from the lust of booze, tobacco smoke, addiction of psychedelic drugs, beverage like grapefruit juice and coffee. Do not run nitrates therapy in simultaneous to Cenforce.

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