When it comes to the pleasurable sensual performance, people often wrongly consider that all men are equally capable of performing in bed. Couples are often seen happier as they have never struggled with sensual disabilities yet a research concluded out that around 30 million American men have struggled erectile brokenness at some point in their sensual life. Infect all men are not equal or compatible when it comes to their ability to perform in bed. Let us discussed how actually a sensual desire process occurs in men.

Basically, sensual arousal in men occurs in 4 phases i.e. Excitement phase- where a man's desire is peaked which might be due to the fantasy, stimulation or a combination of the same. Plateau Phase- where the desires inflate while orgasm is not absolutely reached. The third phase is the Orgasm and Ejaculation Phase- where a series of contraction in the pelvic floor muscles occurs which is a part of orgasm and the man get influence to the point where he can't cease ejaculating happening. Resolution phase- it is a post orgasm stage where male penile and testicles condense back to their normal size.

However, surprisingly many men instead of having a successful arousal struggle in their sensual relationship due to having a flaccid erection, which resists them to complete a pleasing sensual act with the partner. While meeting with such sensual disability men often found difficult to visit a doctor however in today scenario treating such sensual disability of erectile failure has become as simple with the assistance of Fildena anti-impotence tablets. Fildena is a dynamic medicament, which revivifies sturdy penile erection in men who encounter erectile dysfunction in their sensual life. It contains Sildenafil Citrate as its main remedial agent.


Sildenafil Citrate performs its remedial action by impeding the enzyme PDE-5 which turns out in the blockage of further degradation of cGMP. In a sensual stimulated phase nitric oxide, discharge promotes the synthesis of cGMP. When this enormous sum of cGMP rises up in the male reproductive organ it leads to the relaxation of the blood vessels present there which by encouraging good blood circulation leads to the accomplishment of a stiffer erection.

Fildena tablets come within two ideal dose strengths of 50mg and 100mg. A man has to ingest Fildena tablet formerly 1 hour of anticipated intimacy act with the spouse. It has to be swallowed entirely devoid of breaking or crushing with a copious sum of water. After ingesting, a solo tablet men will begin experiencing its effective action at a time lapse of 20-25 minutes, which will vacate for the subsequent 4-6 hours and that is enough for a period of 24 hours. Because of this, man is not recommended to swallow more than a single pill of Fildena per day.

Fildena is a well tolerated anti-impotence medication however it may cause some temporary infuriating effects in males that are muscle or back pain, facial flushing, hazy vision, headache, tiredness and stuffy nose.

Certain Do's and Don'ts with Fildena:

Evade the ingestion of oily foods, alcohol, grape fruits or its juices as long as you will take Fildena. Do not consume any nitrate derivative if you are pursuing Fildena therapy. Do not drive vehicle or perform any risky task as you might struggle with extreme sleepiness and blurred vision after swallowing Fildena tablet. Circumvent Fildena therapy if you are allergic to Sildenafil Citrate or any other Fildena ingredients.

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