Nowadays, smoking has become a fashion for many individuals. Most of individuals think, if we smoke, we get lots of energy and it is considered to be standard class and if you not then you lie under the below standard. But, in modern days, various awareness programs show the harmful and bad impacts of smoking on your health. Many people are trying to quit smoking.

Individuals who smoke are called as smokers, but individuals who are living around the smokers then they are called as passive smokers, they are also indirectly affected by smoking. With the invention of medical science, researcher invents the new and effective Anti-smoking drugs like Chantix and Champix.

With the invention of medical science, researcher invents the new and effective Anti-smoking drugs like Chantix and Champix.

Smoking and its harmful impacts-

Smoking is the action or habit of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of tobacco. Smoking is a single cause of illness and untimely death in America. Cigarette contains nicotine and it is a powerful addictive thing and it is very difficult for smokers to leave smoking habits. But, solution is available for all problems in today's globalization world.
Smoking can induce serious health issues like mouth cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer, hypertension, stroke and infertility.

Quit smoking habits with medical treatment-

Nowadays, there are various gums, lozenges, tablets and methods are available to stop smoking, but among all these methods, Chantix 1mg is one of the best and effective medication. This drug gained lots of thanks and appreciation in the global market, so due to this many doctors prescribe this drug to quit smoking cessation. 

Chantix is mainly intended for treating the smoking habits and it surely helps to those individuals who want to quit smoking. Generic Varenicline is a main pharmaceutical component found in this drug.

Chantix works in two different ways-

It targets to the nicotine receptors in the brain and attaches them and blocks the nicotine from reaching them. Chantix activates these receptors and reduces the release of dopamine receptors as compared to nicotine.

It also works in the brain by binding with nicotine with alpha-4B2 receptors and blocks the activation the pleasure, which you feel while smoking.

This drug can alter the taste of cigarette and thus, smokers feel less cessation towards smoking and forced them to quit habits of smoking.

Way to get Chantix-

Chantix is available in the tablet dosage form, so get it via the oral route with a plenty of water. This therapy should be strictly continued for 12 weeks on a regular basis.

• First 1 to 3 days- You should consume 0.5mg only once in a day.
• Day 4 to 6- You have to take 0.5mg of Chantix two times in a day.
• Day 8 to end of treatment- You should devour 1mg of Varenicline twice in a day.

Various undesirable effects occur while taking Chantix like nausea, stomach distress, chest pain, weakness, agitation, mood swings, weight gain and back pain.

Precautionary tips should be followed while suing Chantix-

• Do not consume this drug in case of individual hypersensitive to generic Varenicline.
• Do not get this drug if you have any kind of kidney, liver and cardiac disorders.
• In case of mental disorders, depression and illness then you have to avoid the intake of this medicine.
• If you have blood or blood clotting disorders then avoid the use of this drug.
• Drinking of alcohol is strictly inadvisable along with this drug.


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