The modern era has its own colors. Many new changes are that are not acceptable by some section of society. The excess of modernization has created some of the problems, which are affecting the lives of people. Single parenting is one of those issues that are increasing in this modern era. Single parenting cases are increasing due to increased number of divorces, live in relationships and increase in a number of early age deaths. Many people are living the life of a single parent, which is not easy for them especially if think of a woman who is living a life of a single parent. They live such life because of divorce, death of their husband and live in relationships that sometimes end with breakups. They suffer a financial and emotional problem in this phase. Well, there can be nothing done when the time is passed. However, some women who are not willing to live a life of single parents they abort their pregnancy in the beginning and they live a smooth life afterward. If you suffer such problem in your life and willing to abort your unpleasant pregnancy then choose the medical method of abortion in the form of MTP Kit, which is much safer and easier than any other method of abortion.

MTP Kit is made for the abortion of undesirable pregnancy of up to 9 weeks. It is a medical method of abortion. It is far better than any other method of abortion. It is safe and secured than home remedies of abortion and do not give pain as in the case of surgical abortion. It is quite a good option for those women who want to get rid of their pregnancy in privacy. MTP Kit contains two generic drugs- Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

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Mifepristone is progesterone antagonist that acts by blocking the progesterone hormone. The progesterone hormone is required for the maintenance of pregnancy as it is responsible for the development of fetus by providing the nutrition to it. It stimulates the shrinkage of uterine lining and softening and dilation of the cervix. Thereby it causes the detachment of fetus from the womb. Hence, abortion takes place. Misoprostol is prostaglandin analog, which acts by promoting the degeneration of endometrium and softening and dilation of the cervix. Thus, it causes the vaginal bleeding and expels the abortion material out through it.

MTP Kit contains five pills. It contains one pill is of Mifepristone 200mg and four pills of Misoprostol each 200mcg. You have to take one pill of Mifepristone orally on empty stomach orally. After two days, take all the four pills of Misoprostol as a single dose orally or vaginally. After fourteen days, visit your doctor for a medical checkup to confirm complete abortion. If you are willing to recover early then take proper rest and nutritious diet.

Some of the common side effects of MTP Kit are a weakness, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, depression, heavy vaginal bleeding, and abdominal pain.


  • You should remove IUD before using this kit.
  • You should not use this kit if you are bearing ectopic pregnancy.
  • You should not use this kit if you are taking corticosteroids and anticoagulants.
  • You should not use this kit if you are breastfeeding or less than 18 years of age.


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