This blog tells the story of a woman and how she made herself better from the constant suffering of anxiety. The girl (Ben) was a patient to acute agoraphobia and was terrified about moving out in public places, open spaces, closed, humid and hot places full of people, traveling in a lift, escalator or toiling in a shopping mall was a tough task for her. She feared traveling by bus, car, train, plane or any other types of public transport. She loves solitude and was happy with her loneliness. Um! Not happy but comfortable…. Nobody in this world is it an animal or a human loves being alone! We all are socialized in one way or another. We want love, care, affection, attention & appreciation from our friends, partner and family.

Ben was a reserved from childhood but as she grew up her gets bigger with her and soon she got terrified to the extent that she completely forbid stepping out home, lost her job as whenever she got surrounded by the people in business meetings she often gets a panic attack. The crowded room makes her anxious therefore she doesn’t go to shopping malls, theaters, bars or clubs but prefer being alone.

She feels afraid to speak in public, chatting to strangers and stay away from the use of social media but now everything has changed. She is now an independent, confident and enthusiastic woman who is enjoying her life like nobody does. Now she does everything what she was once unable to do but how it has become possible? How she able to overcome her long-term anxiety of agoraphobia? Oh! The answer lies hidden with the Librium medicine.

Librium 10mg can make the person out their panic attacks of anxiety and ease out the different condition of anxiety such as GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), social phobia, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and Agoraphobia. Any type of anxiety disorder is treatable by Librium medication enfolding active moiety as Chlordiazepoxide.

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Librium belongs to the category of medication called Antidepressant and the manner it shows off its effect on the patient is binding to the Benzodiazepine sites located over GABA receptor. On binding, to active site, the complex modulates the influx of chloride ion channels which facilitates the neutralization of the charges over the two sides of the nerve endings. Hence, taking Librium will boast the tranquilization effect over the user.

The dosing pattern in which a patient has to take up Librium medication is described here:

Librium in 5-10mg dosing when given to patient for about 3-4 times a day counters the attack of mild to moderate levels whereas Librium given in dosing strength of 20-25mg for 3-4 times calm down chronic anxiety levels whereas Librium in strength of 50-150mg for 3-4 assists the patient to cope the anxiety associated with sudden alcohol withdrawal or panic anxiety before moving to operation theatre. Safe dosing of Librium in a day is 400mg.

Some of the pernicious effects associated to the use of Librium medicine are body exhaustion, muscle spasm, poor libido desires, menstrual irregularity, weight gain.

Follow the below-mentioned safety tips:

  • Patients allergic to Chlordiazepoxide should abide the use of Librium medicine
  •  Patients dealing with medical conditions of Myasthenia gravis, Glaucoma, Hepatitis should seek expert advice
  • Alcohol and smoking are restricted to use with Librium
  • Riding heavy motor vehicle or performing any strenuous task is contradicted later to medicine intake  

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