Erectile dysfunction the word is related to the men erection or men having trouble with their erection. It is defined as the failure of erection hardness while performing intimacy session. The erection failure when happening in front of a partner then it destroys the men self-esteem or self-confidence and also makes him feel embarrassed in front of wife or partner. When erection failure happens in front of a partner, then women first blame her for failure. Unnecessary thoughts take place in women mind like as she is no more attractive, and her touch does not arouse her men. However, it's nothing like that, women are not responsible for men failure, although, men himself responsible for poor erection. Men medical illness, obesity, poor health, stress, alcohol drinking habit, and smoking make him erectile disable. Thus, if erection failure happens then men must have to share the trouble with partner or doctor so that he gets moral support to overcome the trouble. Men can also consume some erection supplements that help him to attain back the lost erection. Cenforce is one of such medical supplements used by the men to boost up their soft erection.

Cenforce 100mg is an exceptional medicament accepted for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or ED in men who fails to accomplish erection half of the time during lovemaking. The medication manage the erection system i.e. make available enough amount of blood during sexual stimulation in men and formulate the springy tissue harder to get up for the intimacy. It consists of Sildenafil as a main purposeful moiety, a PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor category of drug.

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Sildenafil shows its action by the obstruction of PDE-5 enzyme and averts off the deficiency of cGMP substance inside the penile organ. Consequently, it advances the development of cGMP and causes the improve amount of blood in the soft spongy tissue of penile to make them harder.

Cenforce oral tablets are easy to get to as of150mg. The erectile failure men should have to administer one tablet of recommended strength 150mg orally with enough amount of water. The consumption of drug should be done 60 minutes early to the intimacy, as a drug would consume 30 minutes to execute its action. Only one dose is requisite in a day as the effective action of the drug lasts for 5 hours. Hence, try to avoid the overdose.

The consumption of Cenforce causes the side effect of faintness, blur vision, facial flushing, nasal decongestion, body pain, muscle pain, chest pain, ringing sound in the ear and stomach upset. The men should not have to consume alcohol, grapefruit juices, smoking and fatty food with cenforce. Do not devour combination of Cenforce or nitrate derivative as it may cause lowering of blood pressure. Do not drive or perform any machinery work after consumption of the drug. Do not consume cenforce if allergic to Sildenafil or suffering from severe medical illness.


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