Men suffer more emotional pain than women due to erection failure in bed do:

Traditionally, it is women who thought to have suffered from the dissatisfaction by their men in bed. However it is not true, men get more hurt due to their bad performance in bed. Behind their rough and tough personality, men hide their pain of not satisfying their partner. It is reported that 99% of men avoid discussing their sensual problem to their women. Due to this, they become alone in their journey of sadness. Men start making a distance from their partner to hide their sensual trouble and that makes them as well as their partner feel "broken" and "shattered".

Heights of problems of a man are increased when he makes a distance of his social as well as private life. Even he starts to avoid talking with their male friends or ignore any involvement in group-discussion of his friends. The man who had always pampered his woman like a delicate flower gets change into a man who does not even want to talk with his woman. This all happens due to the male problem he is facing silently.

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Due to lack of knowledge, men are not aware that they can perform as good in bed that they have never done. Men can take pleasure of the essence of intimacy as well as they can satisfy their partner's needs at a level she has never imagined. This is possible now with popular brands namely Viagra or Fildena 100 mg.        


Viagra/ Fildena help a man to perform well in bed without being tense about his erection as these medicines make him to keep rigid erection for a longer duration. These medicines are clinically proven in treating erectile trouble and help him to prove his masculinity in front of his partner. Viagra/ Fildena are most popular brands name of generic drug Sildenafil Citrate.

Sildenafil works on a specific enzyme namely phosphodiesterase that is responsible for stopping the degradation of cGMP in male secretive part. When a man comes in the mood to be involved with his partner, nitric oxide starts discharging from his masculine part. Nitric oxide makes and keeps cGMP in male important part that makes a steady blood flow with high velocity in the male penile region.  As a result, a man easily gets a harder erection.

The best-advised dose of Viagra/ Fildena that is well tolerated by any man is 100 mg.  This medicine is best advice through the mouth with a mammoth amount of water, approximately 60 minutes prior to involving in intimate session. Take the second dose after completion of 24 hours of action of these medicine leftovers in the body for duration of 4 to 5 hours.

There are some risks associated with Viagra/ Fildena that includes swelling of hands, diarrhea, headache, faintness, sleepiness, queasiness, hives, rashes, and sickness, expanded erection, itching, and redness of the skin, stomachache, and muscle pain.

Precautionary measures to make you safe from side effects:

  • Viagra/ Fildena may become risky if you take it in the case of hypersensitivity to any of its constituent.
  • The activity of Viagra/ Fildena is automatically slowed down if you take alcohol with it so avoid taking alcohol.
  • Viagra/ Fildena alter your consciousness so avoid driving or doing any work that needs mental alertness as car driving.


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