This is common that a man experience erection failure or incapability to maintain an erection during lovemaking in his life. But when you experience it on regular basis then this becomes a disorder or may experience erectile dysfunction or impotence. This is a disorder in which a man is not capable to maintain an erection for a satisfactory duration during an erection. However, erectile dysfunction can occur due to many health-related disorders like obesity, cardiac disorder, blood pressure, diabetes etc. moreover, erection disorder can also occur due to lack of healthy life or some bad habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, masturbate, porn addiction etc. whatever the reason this is very devastating condition for man when fails to maintain an erection during intimacy. These individual wants to overcome the situation at any cost. If you are suffering from the same condition then we suggest you to use Fildena to defeat all the erection related issues.


Fildena is a remarkable and clinically proven therapy that is commonly intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in adults. This medication manages the situation of softer erection that occurs as of lack of blood in the penile at the time of lovemaking. The erection failure could be very embarrassing and stressful condition in men life. However, nowadays it can be cured easily with the aid of Fildena medication. The drug improves the flow of blood and provides the harder erection. Fildena employs Sildenafil as a major functional moiety that comes in the category of PDE-5. PDE is an enzyme in the body is liable for the depletion of cGMP substance into the body, which further causes the reduced amount of blood flows into the penile. Thus, Fildena causes the blockage of the PDE-5 enzyme and prevents the depletion of cGMP into the body. The enhanced production of cGMP causes the enhanced amount of blood to flow in the penile and results out into the harder erection.



The dosing regimen of Fildena:

The usually suggested dose of this medication is 100 mg obtainable as tablet dosage form administered orally with the help of full glass water. This is recommended to take the medication at least one hour before intercourse to obtain the maximum therapeutic effects. The effects of this medication remain for 5 to 6 hours, which will provide the satisfactory intimacy and one should maintain the gap of 24 hours between two dosages. Do not take more than one dose of this medication as this can cause overdose and you can take as early as possible before administration.


Possible side effects: This medication can cause some unwished effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, nasal decongestion, muscle pain, chest pain, body pain, stomach pain, vision changes, ringing sound in the ear.


Safety measures while using Fildena:

  • While taking the medication avoid grapefruit juice, herbal products, dietary supplements as these can affect the absorption of this medication.
  • Do not use alcohol and other recreational products or any sedative products along with the medication as these can enhance the side effects.
  • Refrain using the medication in the case of allergic condition and consult the doctor if you are suffering from any severe medical condition like cardiac disorder, blood pressure, a stomach disorder.


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