Coralan containing Generic Ivabradine is prescribed for the symptomatic treatment of chronic steady angina pectoris (chest pain). Angina is one of the most alarming signs that an individual can experience. Sometimes, angina can be associated with a heart attack, which can be very fatal. Coralan can also be indicated as an add-on remedy for individuals on optimal therapy for chronic heart failure.

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What is angina?

Chest pain is typically linked to insufficient blood flow to the heart muscle (myocardium). It results in a feeling of discomfort, and many recognize that discomfort as a pressure-like feeling, tightness, heaviness, fullness or dullness. Your heart may not be getting sufficient oxygen due to the fatty deposits accumulation (known as atherosclerosis or plaque formation). Due to this, the arteries that take oxygen and blood to your heart may have become smaller.

Triggers or 4Es responsible for angina pain can be:

• Extremely cold weather
• Exercise and other physical activity
• Eating a large meal
• Emotions

You must also be aware of the fact that there are some risk factors responsible for triggering chest pain (like stress, cigarette smoking, high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar and/or high blood pressure). If you minimize these factors you can effectively control your angina and prevent a heart attack.

Also if you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you can efficiently keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels down, keep your arteries clear, and put a stop to angina pain:

• Regular exercise is MUST.
• You must include lots of fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and low-fat protein sources such as fish and nuts in your daily diet.
• Quit the habit of smoking.
• Maintain a healthy weight and keep your diabetes (high blood sugar levels) under control.

Coralan containing Generic Ivabradine is prescribed for the symptomatic treatment of chronic steady angina pectoris (chest pain).

Another heart problem in which Coralan is helpful is heart failure, which is identified as a situation in which the heart can no longer perform well enough to supply oxygen and blood to the body organs. The heart keeps functioning but not as proficiently as it should. It is a serious condition that can be deadly, but it can often be managed with the correct treatments.

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You might feel pain while walking because of poor blood circulation to the heart or body organs. You will be happy to know that all these heart troubles can be treated nowadays. Therefore, to tackle the issues related to angina and heart failure, you can opt for Coralan 7.5mg.

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Coralan is a magical solution to relieve stable angina by decreasing the heart rate. It cannot be used for relieving a sudden attack of angina.

How it works?

Ivabradine is a heart rate lowering agent that works by selectively blocking the cardiac pacemaker action. It regulates the impulsive diastolic depolarization in the sinus node of the heart and thus controls the heart rate.

The usual suggested dose of Coralan is 5mg two times daily. After 2 to 4 weeks of initial treatment, the dose is increased to 7.5mg two times daily (in the morning and in the evening), if required. But remember, the maintenance Coralan dose should never go above 1 tablet of Coralan 7.5mg taken two times daily. The tablet must be swallowed with little water and taken with meals.

Common side effects associated with this drug may include low heart rate, heart block, headache, ventricular extra systoles and dizziness.

 Avoid the use of Coralan in the following conditions:
• acute coronary syndrome
• cardiac dysrhythmia
• class lll to lV heart failure
• unstable angina pectoris
• cardiogenic shock
• severe hypotension (< 90/50 mm Hg)
 Ivabradine must not be used by patients with a pacemaker.
 Coralan is not advised in patients with liver impairment conditions.
 Pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers must not take this heart medication.

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