Among us, there are some who have faced abortion in their lifetime once, twice or many times. There are some, who have never had an abortion and become panicky to hear the word. Abortion is also of two type medical and surgical type. Medical is one that is done with pills and surgical means directly taking out from the womb.

Women who have become pregnant when they do not desire to choose preferable the first option of medical abortion. They find this option an easy one that is not painful and is done in privacy. The medicine that one chooses for an abortion is MTP Kit. This medication expulses out the fetus from womb within few week timing.

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There are many women, who choose MTP Kit as the best option. This medicine has helped in eradicating fetus safely. You can also have it privately at home also. Some anti-abortion group are the only hindrance. Do not get scared of those. It is the choice of women when to have a baby or not. Although, it is her body that has to keep a child for 9 months. If you do not want a baby right now then induce an abortion with MTP Kit. Remember to have it only when your pregnancy is below 9 weeks.     

Two-component of MTP Kit are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These both function effectively to induce abortion. This medicine works over progesterone hormone and stops its working. Progesterone has a special function and that is it transfers nutrition towards fetus. There by enriching growth of the fetus. Mifepristone inhibits the working of progesterone hormone and so cuts the nutrition supply so fetus dies. Misoprostol induces contraction and dilation of uterus thus, removing fetus out from the womb.

Dosing pattern of MTP Kit

* The First dose is to use a Single dose of Mifepristone, each 200 mg with water orally.

*Keep two days gap, then

* The Second dose is to use four tablets of Misoprostol ON THIRD DAY, each 200 mcg with water orally and vaginally.

*Keep 14 days gap,

*On 14th day, get your abortion verified.

Look below some contradictory features to keep following

You do not have to use these pills for abortion when

  • Under ectopic gestation
  • Having sensitive reaction to it
  • Under age of 18 years

Look below some precautions and safety tips

  • It is important that you must not engulf fresh grapefruit juices, as those drinks will produce after effects.
  • You are advised not to perform tasks immediately after having an abortion, as there will be dizziness for some time.
  • Using alcohol will cause interaction and produces ill effects so shun it.
  • TAKE OUT IUD's before an abortion.
  • Drink enough juices as well as eat healthy to recover the weakness after an abortion.

There are some unwanted ill effects that may happen with this such as weakness, high vaginal bleeding, stomach pain, muscle ache, nausea, dizziness, and back pain.